Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Some bad motha vocal tricks"

So much to write, yet such a short attention span.

Two weeks ago I got 3/4ths of my hair highlighted, :) So I have blonde bits and brown bits and red bits (from the previous red I got put in it) and strawberry blonde bits (from bleaching the red bits) All the comments I've gotten on it have been positive --and then there was my mom's "It's fine." I like it a lot. :D Irma, Julie, and Mark all noticed that it is looking a lot blonder now than it did right after I got it done. Mark mentioned that it looks a lot different because it has blended now. Frankly, I was surprised to have Mark even realize I had done anything to my hair because well...he's a guy. I mean heck, I'd been home two days when my father finally said, "I've just noticed Susie is blonde." Hahaha. Deborah said, "Whoa, that's pretty good for a guy." Hahaha.

Saturday afternoon Tashina and I drove down here in George, which was fun. There was a thick fog for some of the trip, which was interesting. From Mesquite to Vegas we blasted the soundtrack to Wicked and sang along as loud as we could. Painful, but fun.
As I pulled into my driveway I reached into my purse to find my housekeys. Nothing. No keys. HUH, WHAT?! We tore poor little George apart looking for my keys. The worst part was that I knew there was a strong possibility they were right inside the locked door.
After searching for open windows I called my parents, Elizabeth called Jayar's mom and sister asking if they had a key to Liz's house. Finally Liz gave me directions to break into Jayar's sisters house to find a key. I couldn't figure out which key it was so I took the entire key ring from her house. Hahaha. It wouldn't work in Elizabeth's front door, but I wasn't sure if that was because it was a copy and sometimes the copied keys have a difficult time. So I went back to my house to get the car charger for the cell phone (out of my bags I had put in the garage.) I got back to Elizabeths house and called her to ask the code for her car door, so I could use the garage door opener. The car was unlocked, hehe. Finally we got the garage open (after a fun adventure in popping the hood of the Navigator and rehooking up the battery, haha) and we found out the door to the house was OPEN! Elizabeth said we could stay at her house :)

We stayed up late watching CSI:NY, but I fell asleep mid-episode.

New Years Eve night The Honeyman drove down (alone, so you know there was a lot of Cher and Carrie Underwood blasting, hahaha) then we got all dressed up and headed down to the strip. We tried to park at Caesars Palace, but the entire parking garage was full, so we headed east across to the other side of the strip. After about twenty years in the car and only about four freakouts about traffic from The Honeyman, we parked about a mile from the strip and caught a cab to the Flamingo.

While walking down the street a group of Latinos walked by and one stared at me as he passed. He turned to the others and proclaimed, "Did you see this girl? She is gorgeous." Hahaha.

We walked over to Caesars Palace, but they weren't letting people in without a players card or a room key. Fast forward an hour and two very painful high heeled feet later we snuck in through the parking garage and took advantage of a little old man's kindness (I asked if we could say we were with him, he said sure. I walked past the security guards with my hand on the little old mans back, guiding him and his walker through the casino. HAHAHAHA!)

At midnight Tashina and I sat near Pure and watched the fireworks on the big screens, then we watched people go in and out of the Britney Spears New Years Eve party. Hil.ar.i.ous! A drunk guy came over and sat next to me, I asked him how things were going and he told me how annoyed he was that two glasses of champagne were $60, hahaha. He said I should have bought a ticket, and that they were now sold out. He was so slurry and funny.

A short while later a girl stomped over near us and threw herself to the ground, haha. A security guard told her she had to get on one of the chairs, so she flopped onto a chair. Her friend came over to her and started yelling for her to chill out. Apparently the drunk girl (Callie) was absolute sure someone stole her jacket, while her friend was adamant that it was just lost and that people were looking for it. The three guys they had just met were trying to nicely cut themselves from her ("Well, it was nice to meet you. I hope you find your jacket.") and one was trying to calm her down ("It's a jacket, not a baby!") That was HILARIOUS.
A few other people were so fall-down-drunk they were taken away in wheelchairs.

A guy walked past and I was pumped to realize it was TJ Espinoza, Britneys Spears' former backup dancer! (Wow, I need a social life...badly.) Tashina thinks she saw Brandy, but we're not sure.

A few hours later we got in the taxi line. 2 hours later we got into a taxi and drove away from Caesars Palace (5 a.m.-ish) As we paused at a stop sign a guy ran toward us. He jumped in the front seat and asked our driver to take him to the Flamingo. She told him he was practically already there, but he asked her again and said something about guys wanting to kill him or had scared him, or something. He had a really thick accent and our driver asked him where he was from; he said "Poland." She asked, "Paris?" He proclaimed, "POLAND! Thats central Europe!" Hahahaha. She told him that she would take him but she was going to take us first, then told him he needed to pay her. Haha. He pulled out crumpled bills out of his pocket and started to smooth them out and then held them up to the window to see the denomination. I realized the $20 he was holding up was covered in blood. Fuh-reaked me out. Our driver chuckled and said, "That one works, give me that." Hahaha. He said, "I love you...I love this song." Then he noticed us in the backseat and flipped around and said, "Hey! I loves you guys..." He then said, "Don't worry, I didn't kill nobody." then said, "I didn't kill nobody...tonight, maybe tomorrow." and laughed. He said we should party at his hotel with the lights off and the radio on and the door closed. Hahaha.
When we got to our destination both Tashina and Ryan got out of the cab but I was stuck in the center with this drunk Polish guy's blood-covered hand going up my knee, while he was saying, "I loves you guys."

It seemed a lot funnier at the time, but now it just seems freaky.

Ryan drove home this afternoon, but Tashina is still here. We were laughing too hard while watching Sons of Provo tonight, apparently, because my roommate came out of her room and said, "Is your movie almost over? Because you are REALLY LOUD, and I am sick." It really wasn't that loud nor that late at night. Oh my.

This morning MyExBoyfriendMike said, "Good morning" and I quietly said "Hey." It wasn't a mumble! That's a step up for me! Also: The miniGilGrissom beard has made a comeback.

"I loves you guys ... I didn't kill nobody."

The Fog! dun, dun, duuuuuunnnn

I wore a hunting vest for the first half of the drive

Too cool for school

The search of George turns up ZERO keys

Are you sure nobodys home?

Tashina tries the doggy door

Unlocked doors are much easier to break in to

Happy happy, joy joy

steer, focus, flash, steer, focus, flash

You don't have to wait for a beep!!!


Ooh, Prince...Oh!

The Honeyman's worst nightmare

Don't smile, don't smile

Striking his pose

Vogue (du du du du) Vogue

Sus works the camera

It froze

Put in our place

Drivin' a truck with my high heels on

shiny tourist

Self portraiture

I was only allowed to honk the horn

Ms. Napkin Head - someone loves The Holiday

oh my

View from the taxi line

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thehoneyman said...

Dear Susannah, I have the wrong number for you home number so I wasnt able to tell you I am home safe. Anyways e-mail you number would you. I had so much fun in Vegas.