Saturday, December 30, 2006

"I was going for the 'smokey eye' look and ended up with 'bruised'."

Yesterday ZackyZack told me that if I was more attractive he would have fallen in love with me years ago. What kind of statement is that?! Bwahaha. I guess it beats "she's got a great personality."

Yesterday I woke up at 9:30 and hung around the house waiting for Tashina to wake up--that eventually happened at 1:30, haha. I got sucked into watching *NSYNC: Driven (basically the show "Behind The Music"), and couldn't think of much else until I got all 10+ parts loaded on my computer. I felt my entire relationship with Lance flash before my eyes; like he came out all over again whilst stomping on my teenage years and smirking.

After finally peeling myself away from the moniter I decided to show Tashina around BYU and most of Provo. We went to the Creamery on 9th and planned to get ice cream, but it was absolutely packed and we are both about as social as startled we left. (Besides, Tashina quickly learned that she wouldn't be able to scratch her itch for Pepsi while on BYU campus.)

I drove Tashina past my old apartment and all the important spots ("...this is where this one guy I kinda knew lived. I stalked him for a while then he moved.") Then I took her over to the University Mall, where The Honeyman was working.

Then Ryan (The Honeyman) gave me a huge poster of Marilyn Monroe for Christmas; it's totally going on my bedroom wall!!

Soon all three of us piled in the car and drove around for a bit, ending at the Provo Town Centre Mall where I had arranged with a few friends to get together for a movie. I was delighted to have Amy and Amanda join Tashina, The Honeyman, and me!
We ended up on the second row: Honeyman, me, Amy, Tashina, then Amanda. (The seating was poorly arranged on my part, as the latter three didn't know each other, yet Ryan and I knew everyone. Oops!)
We saw The Holiday, which Amy and I had both seen already. I think Kate Winslet is GORGEOUS and I told Honeyman he was allowed to adore her (if she could please take the place of Paris Hilton and Carrie Underwood) he refused...weirdo.
I like Jude Law and Jack Black a lot more now. I had never seen Jude in anything, though I knew who he was, and I have one word: RAWR. I'm used to Jack Black playing the spazzy hilarious School of Rock type of characters, and not the slightly dorky supporting actor. Darling.Amy
Also, have I mentioned how much I love Hans Zimmer's scores? I watched an interview with him about Matchstick Men (which is one of the MANY Nic Cage movies I own) and I just like the dude even more now. I don't have any of the CDs of his scores yet...I feel a collection/wishlist coming in the near future.

After parting ways with Amy and Amanda, The Honeyman, Tashina, and I goofed around for a few more hours until I reached the point where I could no longer hold my eyes open.

Clockwise left to right: Susannah, Tashina, Ryan, Amanda, and Amy

Tashina and I stayed up pretty late watching my DVDs of Perry Mason. (Another RAWR, by the way.) And I fell asleep on the couch mid-episode.

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thehoneyman said...

A darn good night I would say. really good movie. really good friends good times.