Friday, May 05, 2017

A flicker

On May 2, Derrick and I went to the ultrasound appointment.
I have been pretty worried that Señor wasn't growing. Not for any reason other than worrying is what I'm really, really good at. 
The nurse/ultrasound technician knew about my worries, so she said, "I'll just let you know right now, I see a heartbeat." Tears welled up.

Then they brought Derrick in the room, and connected the large TV screen to her monitor. She showed us Señor's heartbeat (142), and the little arms sticking out. She said Señor was looking great. So Yay!

After they do the ultrasound, they give all the pictures to their doctor on staff, and he goes over everything. I got the call from his nurse, who said the doctor looked over everything and confirmed a healthy single pregnancy. He said there are no abnormalities and the surrounding organs look healthy as well. Yay!

We are moving back to Utah this weekend, and will probably tell my parents about Señor when we get there. It'd be a bit obvious after a couple hours anyway, haha. I HAVE TO EAT about every 1.5-2.5 hours or I go from feeling fine to suddenly being in nauseated overly-hungry pain. Really really quickly. I'll be good and then bam! I'll feel grossly overly hungry.

At least the exhaustion has gone away, mostly. For now.

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