Friday, December 09, 2016

I'm gettin' married in the morning; ding dong, the bells are gonna chime

There are only a few little things I'd do differently, if I could rewind and have my wedding over again.

First off- worked my booty off to lose my double chin and get my jawline back. I wish I could look at my pictures with nothing but a smile, rather than a permanent cringe. Ugh. I'll use it as a push to get it back now, but yeah... ugh. >:(

I wish I had gotten a picture with my sisters. I just didn't think about it.

I would've cleaned up my playlist for the luncheon, I did not love how slow and quiet the music was, when I could hear it. The room needed music to liven it up. I'd slapped the playlist together without editing it back down.

I wish I would have turned around and taken in the love of that little room during the ceremony, packed to the gills with people I love (for the most part, but I've already gone there with all my snark, so yeah). I was overwhelmed and having a hard enough time keeping it together, just crying instead of openly weeping. I'm sure looking around the room would've pushed it over the emotional edge.

I wish I'd known how to make the luncheon less awkward. It was don't know. I wanted lively conversation, people having fun, and I've gotten feedback saying it was just that, so I'm happy enough. I just would've loved it less quiet and just-sitting-there-ish.

I wish it could've lasted longer. From start to finish it just was so, so quick. I only got to wear my lovely, lovely dress for a few hours. I could've worn that dress for several days. I could've slept in that dress. I love that dress. I feel fantastic in that dress.

(I was so glad my best friends could be there! Sarah and Honeyman and Annie and Brittany have all been my sidekick at one point, or several points in my life. I love these four so much.) 

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