Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I gotta be there in the mornin', spruced up and lookin' in me prime

So, uh...

I got married.


I genuinely didn't really think that'd happen. It still doesn't even feel real. I know I hang out with this great guy all the time, but it's so bonkers that he is my HUSBAND and that this is it for good.

I had a really hard time being in the moment and really wrapping my head around the idea day-of.
Everyone says their day went really quickly, but mine really, really did. And not just in my head. Because the whole thing was from 11:30 to about 2:30.

I wish it were longer. I wish it were an all-day situation. I wish I could be wrapped up in the sweetness for all day. So much time and effort and tears and stress and work and it was all over so very quickly.

I mean, it was planned that way, it's not like something bad happened and everyone left suddenly. I planned it that way to make it simple for everyone involved.

Well, I should back up...

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