Thursday, March 05, 2015

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces." -Bridget Jones

I left for work with wet hair, having showered minutes before I would be leaving. (Procrastinating. Shocking.) So I quickly "curled" my ends during a slow moment at work. Let's be honest, my hair strongly refuses to do anything similar to curling. So, really, I bent the ends slightly.

Holy crapola, Batman, I am drowning in hair. Today it just seemed overwhelming for some reason. Perhaps because I have had my hair up in some sort of bun or back in a single braid (which I can totally do on myself now! Yay!) for almost the entire month of February, that it was just...yeah, overwhelming having all my hair down.


 I've been really trying to cut down my haircut times, I have whittled down seconds by keeping a rhythm and not blowdrying hair off the cape/neck/forehead so often. My time has come down from a 16 minute average to 11-14. Hallelujah and hurrah.
I have been chided so many times by my GM about my 16-17 minute average; it should be 14. Between my time and my speed between haircuts, I am not exemplary, like I should be as manager. So I've been told multiple times that my position is in jeopardy. (Having that over my head all the time is stressful. I'm laying in the guillotine, staring at the blade all day long, watching it inch down with each picky client. Between that and both my assistants stepping down and me drowning in paperwork and stylist's negative attitudes and being mad at me over stupid things, and a couple other things, I frustratingly decided to quit a few weeks ago, but didn't go through with it.)

11-14 sounds incredibly quick, but it's really not. Full consultation, chatting about product and the weather and the day's errands or whatnot, clean blended cut. Today a guy called my 10 minute cut "probably the best cut I've ever gotten"

So I was delighted that my average was about 12 minutes all day until a lovely woman with ridiculously thick hair came in and I cut 11" off in a long A-line, thinned the crap out of it, layered it, and then adjusted the layers when it wasn't sitting right. 49 minutes later, it was "just like the picture", and my average went from 12 to 19. Dang it. Dang it all. After a few speedy cuts my freaking cut average ended at 16.2 and the salon slowed down and I couldn't stay any longer (I was already a half hour over when I should've left), so I ended there. Grrrr. Super frustrating for one cut to mess up my average so much (if I had done more cuts during the day, rather than dig myself out from under the mountain of office work I'm trying to get on top of, it would have had less of an impact. I know this. I'm working on balancing my priorities, obvs.)

Hair, hair, hair. Paperwork and some hair.

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