Monday, June 01, 2015


I started an audiobook once I got to Heber (a memoir of an actor), and from there the drive felt quick. The forecast called for rain all across Wyoming, and I was pleasantly surprised to find I had seemingly just missed it everywhere I went. There was water in the rumble strips, but the roads were dry.

I filled my 100 oz mug with diet Mtn Dew in Green River, WY, and stopped again near Laramie. (There are, I believe, about 3 1/2 hours between them.)

The moment you pass the Welcome to Colorado sign the scenery changes. It is ridiculous how instantaneous it is. The landscape goes from blah to lovely.

I met Elle at her house, where we emptied my car of the big things.
Then she got in my car and directed me to her parents house. Elle showed me the guest room I'd be staying in for a couple of days, and I dumped my suitcase and purse in there.
After chatting for an hour we decided to grab some pizza, and quickly fell asleep after a slice and a half.

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