Sunday, November 23, 2014

And after all dear, what is idle prattle for?

I choose where I sit in church based on the proximity to outlets. A phone with a dying battery is a stressor.
I keep my fingers busy so I can pay better attention to the speaker. That sounds contradictory, but it's true. If I do something that doesn't require my real attention, I get less distracted from what I'm trying to pay attention to.

This week my keep-my-hands-busy topic was planning some cosplay for comic con. My new employee, Elle, has fantastic magenta hair, and has dressed as Ariel before. She said she loves going to things where geeky people can geek out (something to that effect), so I told her I love going to comic con, and she said she wants to go with me in January. Yay!

If she goes as Ariel, I want to do something similar. She is gorgeous, so I originally thought I should do Flounder. Be intentionally ugly for the humor. Because yeah.
But I've decided to do Ursula... because both have a little bit of drag queen in us.

So I was Googling pictures of various Ursula costumes. Some were dreadful. Terrible tentacles pinned to a dress. I want to do something with a bit more grandeur. I want to do a glamorous Ursula. And then I saw the new-ish Disney Designer Villains Collection. Holy crapola, this is fantastic.

So my goal is to make something similar to this. Because how fantastic would that be?!
I don't think I want to do the blue-ish, purple-ish skin, I think I want to just do shimmer powder? Maybe? Obviously I haven't planned this totally out, because I was merely looking at pictures during meetings. :)

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