Thursday, May 09, 2013

Hi Christopher, I'm Nero

I really like movies.

I like like movies.
I draw Susannah + Movies = Love in a little heart all over my notebook. (ok, maybe I don't.)

Between the end of January and today in the theater I saw 6 movies with various friends, 15 movies with my friend Andrew, and at least 9 by myself. That is...hmmm...a whole freaking ton of movies.
This does not include the hot relationship I've got going on with my boyfriend Netflix.

If I want to escape for a while, I'll see something in the theater. If I want to relax, I will stick with something at home. My bed and my TV and my Wii and my iPad (Jareth the Goblin King) and his charging cord...ahhh, that is a lovely setup.

I am greatly looking forward to Star Trek: Into Darkness, so much so that I have tickets to a fan special early screening next Wednesday as well as plans with friends for an epic drive-in theater night next Saturday. :D
I am re-watching (ahem, listening, really) the first one right now. I saw this around five times in the theater, I greatly enjoy it.

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