Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mrs. Fitzy made zucchini bread

The hardest part of my day is having to do my hair for work. Our dress code includes what I can and can't do with my hair. My hair is a visible representation of my skills and is the product I am selling. It has to look professional. No ponytails.
When I am about to spend eight hours doing other people's hair, I don't want to spend much time on my own. Ugh.

So yesterday I pulled it in a high ponytail, braided it, wrapped the braid into a small bun, pinned it and added a grey flower. It would have been prettier in a ponytail. (Today I have a chopstick knot.) My hair gets in my face and is hot on my neck when it is down--it's difficult to keep it looking great when it is down when I'm constantly tucking it out of my face and getting it all sweaty.

I am loving how long my hair is, but I have decided to cut it.

When I moved to Utah my hair was a poufy mess (the perm I got because I am a genius) so my Sandy manager, Linda, cut it in 90 degree layers, starting to cut off all the permed bits. This basically makes a mullet. Almost a Carol Brady mullet.
For three years I have been growing it back out. (I'm growing my hair right this moment. It's exhausting, lemme tell ya.) My layers started about eyebrow level--thems some short layers. Right now they are to my collar bone! Woohoo! I have have very very layered hair for...ever. Since about 6th grade. Even my really long hair of 2005 was way layered. So I am looking forward to cutting my hair to almost one length.
My hair is fine, there is a lot of it, but it's very fine in texture. I like when it lays down smooth on its own, but it doesn't do that when there are crazy ends for the bottom half of it.

SO I AM CUTTING IT SHORT AGAIN! Ok, not quite. I am cutting off 4-5 inches, but not until mid-August. Late July is my 10-year high school reunion and I had ugly short hair for the majority of my high school career, so I'd love to have something different when I'm around them again.

Not crazy short. I'm only going to cut it to my collarbone, though.The same length I ALWAYS seem to have it.



I kind of miss my blonde hair.

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Brittany said...

This is ironic because next time I get a haircut from you, I was planning on having you cut off 3-4 inches before putting in Sarah layers again. :) Awesome! Go for it!