Monday, October 17, 2011

This gravy is tall, dark and handsome.

My manager and I were chatting about some guys today.

Jamie: "Is he your type?"
Susie: "My type? I don't know."
Jamie: "You know...thick and kinda funny..."
Susie: "'Thick and kind of funny' sounds more like something you'd send back to the kitchen."


I have a case of the sexy voice. I woke up with a cold a week ago, which quickly turned into bronchitis (thank you, my susceptible-to-inflammation lungs!) and kicked my trash.

Because of The Sickness (He and I are not one. He gets a name all his own.) I have discovered an amazing, amazing thing: going to bed before 10:30 pm. I found out that it means, get this, you get to sleep longer! Why has no one thrown this logic in my face?
'Hey Susannah, you enjoy sleep, right? Well what if I told you I know a way you can sleep THREE EXTRA HOURS A NIGHT and still wake up right before you have to leave for work? No, really! It's called Going To Bed Before 10:30. It is guaranteed to work."

I am a logical gal. Had I been privy to the kind of information maybe I would have been all over this years ago?

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