Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"I think those psychic sisters are in for a raise."

My niece Kumquat (not her real name, which is unfortunate because it is an awesome name) is almost 8-months-old. I am her very favorite auntie.

She told me so.

Because I am an awesome babysitter.
(These pictures are from early August, so she is quite a bit older now.)

First we are sitting there chatting, 'Quat being as cute as ever.

 Then, being an idiot, I say "Boo!" (trying to get her to smile) and it startles Miss Kumquat.
 So we snuggle. This doesn't calm her down as much as it should.
 So 'Quat gets smooches. Smooches from me will make anyone happy.
 No longer crying, I give Kumquat some chocolate. Ok, ok, I kid. I just let her suck on/slobber on the package.
And then I introduced her to Pee-Wee Herman via Pee-Wee's Big Adventure on my iPad, Jareth the Goblin King. Because she will only get a proper education in quality entertainment from me.
Because her Momma is introducing her to crapola like this:


Meridith said...

Hey now. ;)

Meridith said...

Also, you ARE an awesome babysitter. You should, uh, come be an awesome babysitter again. :)

Susannah said...

Hey now, what? I have to teach her the important things like, "There's no basement at the Alamo."

Rather than, ya know, the boy [mr. darcy] that was a jerk, and is still pretty much a jerk, is mr. perfect. blah blah blah ;)

Deborah said...

Made me laugh out loud. Why did I not see this post sooner?

I miss you, Sushi.

Come and corrupt my children as soon as possible!