Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"People die of bedbug bites at my age."

I love stupid tv shows. Looooooooove stupid tv shows.

My new favorite stupid show is Storage Wars. The focus is on four men who bid on storage units that have been abandoned monetarily (and the men are all sorts of feisty with each other and bid higher and higher just to annoy the other guy and drive the price up.)

Sometimes they end up with empty boxes and garbage. Sometimes they end up with 150K in collectibles/jewelry/random weird things.
It isn't a show I would schedule my day around, but I enjoy that it is on Netflix Instant. I have it playing in the corner of my screen while I do other stuff. I am easily entertained.

I love Barry the most. He reminds me of some men who come in the salon: a little older, isn't in his element, is quirky and schmoozy with women and he relates situations to stories of the 60's and 70's.

"...since I've been 15-years-old." Since you've been? How long have you been 15?

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Meridith said...

I chuckled really hard at your last sentence. Awesome.