Friday, October 21, 2011

"He is 6 foot 6 of pure automotive knowledge."

There are many pleasant little moments throughout my day. Like waking up and realizing I have time to hit snooze, or that awesome moment when I get home and finally get to rip off my shirt.

Speaking of pleasant moments, how about this past July, huh? That was like a really long pleasant moment.
My friend Ashley came up from Las Vegas. Ryan and I got to introduce her to everything Utahn. I love Utah in July! (I love July in general.)

Bonfires in the canyon! Got caught in the sprinklers, shoes fell off, fell on the grass, stood up, fell again, got hit in the face with the sprinkler. Nice.

Hot Air Balloon Launch The Darth Vader balloon was there so the Star Wars characters made appearances as well. I found the look of Star Wars next to all this patriotic clothing hilariously odd.

Stadium of Fire! Sat outside the stadium with Ryan and Ashley and listened to Brad Paisley play. 

Then the blessing of my sweet little nephew, Noah! My sister is a fox.

4th of July Went to the parade in Provo with Ashley, Caroline and Emma Kate. Met up with Meridith, Ben and Kumquat. Took Ashley to my family reunion lunch (I hate those things.) Went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory then went to the Sandy City fireworks, which were fantastic! So fun.

Harry Potter midnight showing! Sat in line with friends in Provo for hours despite having assigned seating tickets in Draper.

Celeste and I threw ourselves an Italian-themed joint birthday party dinner! I excel at forcing people to celebrate me.

I turned 27 in style. I mean I asked my mom to take me (with Caroline, Emma Kate and Luke) to the Paleontology museum. We did our best raptor impressions and looked at giant sloth skeletons. We went out for ice cream and my Momma made a trifle. Then some friends and I gathered for dinner and frivolity (and I wore a tiara all day.)

A random potluck dinner at the park. I brought a ton of tacos. Like 20 tacos. An insane amount of tacos.

Seriously, July was awesome.

Let's do it again, shall we?

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