Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Whatcha call that? Stupid on a plate?"

I am tall. I love this (a lot) in general, but sometimes it gives me problems. I have 40 inches of leg to deal with. Do you realize what that means? Everything is way too short on me. :/

I am not against things being too short, haha. But that is the problem: I would totally go out like that. Oops. I would pretty much live in my black booty shorts if it were kosher.
But anyway, uh, legs are long, my dresses are too short.

And that is a problem. I have a problem.

I'm in love with this dress:

(I am the one on the right, the one who is almost too busty for the sweater-like material. And yeah, I take pictures of myself in the dressing room. I have freakishly high self-esteem.)

It is incredibly short, even by my loose standard. Despite it being $80 I would like to purchase it and wear it every single day of my life, dressed up with delicate jewelry, funked up with chunky necklaces, dressed down with jeggings and boots. (Yeah, I wrote jeggings. This gags me, too.)

But is it a bit too much? It is short enough that if I fell or something I'd be almost naked...a hospital gown would be less revealing.

But I love this dress. The ruching on the sleeves, the different knits from the top piece to the bottom piece. Oh, it is fabulous.

But too short?


Meridith said...

1. I laughed really hard imagining you falling and becoming "almost naked." I'm still chuckling...
2. Yes, it kinda looks like you're wearing one of my dresses. :)

Rachel said...

Yeah, it is pretty short, maybe you just need some fishnets :)

Susannah said...

Yes, Rachel, perfect! I Ike the way you think! ;)