Saturday, May 07, 2011

"I feel like I swallowed a medicine ball...and inside that medicine ball is a chemistry set."

I love Man Vs Food on the Travel Channel more than I probably should.

Ok, lets be honest...
I love Man Vs Food's host Adam Richman more than I probably should.


What was I saying...? Lost my train of thought...

Thanks to Netflix Instant I can watch MvF at 2 a.m. while wasting time online.
I only had time for one episode today so I decided to watch the Utah episode. In one of the voice over spots Adam says something like, "its located in the heart of Salt Lake City" and this is what comes on the screen:

*double take*
That is not SLC. Park City, maybe, but certainly not "the heart of SLC." But, uh, nice try.

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