Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"I don't kid about quiche." - Casey, Chuck s1e2

My clothing is still a little damp.

I smell like chlorine.
It is appealing as well as repulsive.

Our YSA FHE was scheduled to be boating on Deer Creek at 5 pm. Around 4 I texted a few friends, trying to figure out if anyone was going, if it was worth leaving my sisters, nieces and nephews.
Several people responded "it was cancelled"

Relieved, I settled in to play with my family. Deborah was using up last night's shredded pork, making a few enchilada casseroles as well as something I've fallen deeply, deeply in love with: "Orange rice"

Dear Orange Rice,
Hi. Ummmm, I never do this, so I'm not sure exactly what to say. I think we really have something and I'd like to pursue it further.

Picture this: aromatic minced garlic sizzling in a pan with slowly melting butter. The pulp from intensely shredded carrots added to the buttery garlic. A salty chicken base (bouillon) stirred into broth. Rice added and left to fluff up into a garlicy melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Excuse me as I wipe drool off my chin, keyboard and desk.

Where was I?

Oh, right. Deborah was making dinner.

Suddenly my phone called out "Now thats what I'm talking about! That was amazing! I mean you, I mean...I ca...Iba...chicada...hiy...I'M BUYING YOU A PIZZA." AaronP's ringtone.

Aaron let me know that instead of boating for FHE we were now swimming. Uh...
I responded, "As much as I love public partial-nudity, I think I'm going to skip it."

After about an hour I decided that I really should attend. Activities Committee Member Guilt, I call it. I scoured my drawers for my least-revealing swimsuit and came up with a deep V-neck suit. It'd have to do. I pulled a cover-up dress over it, for good measure. :)

When I got to the house I didn't recognize any of the cars so I texted Aaron again. "Still there?"
My S.A.D. is far better than it has ever been, but I will still do anything I can to avoid being in a group of not-friends if at all possible.
A car pulled up while I was still in my car. A guy got out and walked toward the house. Jason from Payson! Woohoo! Jason and I aren't really friends, I suppose. I think the most we've spoken was yesterday when I asked if its ok if I just call him Payson, he said yeah, that'd be ok. But it was a familiar face and that is all I was concerned with.

By the end it was Brittany, Christina, Cherilee, Kevin, Josh, Celeste, and me in the pool. (Aaron left a few minutes after I finally actually got in the pool.)
Celeste announced she was going to Macey's to get ice cream. I asked if I could come with her, and then I told Kevin and Aaron (via text) to come with us. I threw on a maxi dress over my wet swimsuit and jumped in the car with Celeste, Brittany, and Cherilee. After meeting up with the guys and getting our ice cream (well, raspberry frozen yogurt for me) we gathered at Celeste's to continue our Monday night marathon of Chuck; Chris and Danny joined us.

After one episode (season 1, episode 2) I decided I had to get home because I'd promised Caroline I would cut her hair tonight. Kevin volunteered to drive me home even though I live about five houses from Celeste. (Large houses. With wide yards.)

After cutting Care's hair and doing a prep cut on Emma Kate (I forgot to bring home my thinning shears and razor...I'll stack her newly-cut bob tomorrow) I am introducing Caroline to Psych (because everyone should love Shawn Spencer. Everyone. [Shawn is Exhibit A as to why scruff is GOOD. I <3 scruff.])

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Rachel said...

Haha! Can I get some of that orange rice? [drool] I guess I should just go home and eat some dinner :)