Sunday, August 22, 2010

A few weeks ago I decided it would be a great plan to ride my bike to work. A little exercise, gas money saved, no need to get George fixed. A win!
I measured the distance, just over 5 miles, walked the beginning of the trail with my mom, then we drove there while watching where the trail crosses streets and goes over bridges.

I was now prepared. It was bike riding time!

I decided to do a test run, get my sea legs...err, pedal legs.
I grabbed my inhaler, sucked it down and ran out the door.
A mile and a half later I threw my bike to the side, pulled myself through the door, and was ready to collapse onthe couch in the basement.
I took one step on the staircase and my quads gave out, having already given all their strength. I struggled to grab onto the banister as I tumbled down the stairs.

As a result of that day my bike has become dust-covered once again and my tailbone has inflicted immense pain every day.
(I would not suggest going on rollercoasters if you have a messed up tailbone unless you enjoy finding it excruciating to get ou of bed the next morning.)

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