Thursday, July 29, 2010

the Italy jar

Next fall I am taking myself on vacation. I'm not talking the driving-to-Southern-Utah sort of vacation, I'm talking the THIS WILL COST ME THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! sort of vacation.

I am taking myself to Italy.

I know, right?!

It started out as me wondering about a cruise my friend Reba was going to go on (or, uh, did go on. I assume she already went. We don't talk that often, haha.) So that started me Googling various cruises that I could convince my friends to go on with me.
I saw a cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean that I really thought would be fun. I figured there was no way I'd be able to go, nor get anyone else to go with me, but was fun to think about.

A few nights ago, while sitting at the dinner table with my parents, we got chatting about various trips we've taken and how I have become cultured and have really gotten to see some awesome things. My parents started talking about how much they loved their trips to Israel and Egypt and more recently to Italy. I remembered the cruise I'd been interested in and showed them the website I'd bookmarked. They got very animated (especially my dad) and told me "Susie, you have to go!" Oh...ok...uh...I will, then.

With the unexpected encouragement I became more excited about the idea of this trip. I worked out the financial particulars -- after listing the suspected costs for things I have come to the conclusion that it should cost me around $4,000 on the high end. If I save my tips plus about $100 from each paycheck I should have around $7,000 saved! Woohoo!

I started a jar. It is labeled "Italy cruise jar" as uh, thats what it is.
I have just over $100 saved so far. Yay.  I have like 65 weeks left to save up, so, uh, I think I'll do OK.


Ok, so thats the excitement. But it comes with a realization: Oh holy crap, I'm that age/person. I'm taking myself on a freaking 2+ week vacation!
I'm sending myself away to discover the architecture of Rome, explore the pyramids of Egypt, to wander the roads of Jerusalem, to visit the...what does Cyprus and Turkey have?

I don't know. It just feels so... I don't know. Under The Tuscan Sun-ish? Eat, Pray, Love-ish? Heck, lets throw in My Life In Ruins-ish. (Ok, so those are romantic comedies. My life is more of an ...awkward/embarrassing comedy?)

When did I get old enough to be/do this?
I don't know, but I'm completely excited.



lisapants said...

So jealous! I have always wanted to take a Mediterranean cruise and visit that part of the world.

Tashina said...

Dood! I would totally save up to go with you!

It would be pretty sweet to be in an actual pyramid instead of one of the Las Vegas variety.

Deborah said...

That's awesome.

Why am I still Chopped Spam?

Ashley said...

DUDE!!! Thats awesome that you are going!!!! Im soo jealous of you right now!!!

Celeste said...

I'm so excited to be going with you! We have to make sure our accompanying gentlemen don't back out on us, one of them tried to tell me that he found out that he "definitely won't be able to come." I told him to slowly pay off his student loan and build his credit instead of bailing on us, you should back me up ;)

Rachel said...

I'm excited for the trip too! Maybe you should put 'snakes' in your Italy jar to protect your money...haha :)