Sunday, August 29, 2010

Productivity bonus

Oh wow.

I am not good with change. Or making decisions, really. Or stressful situations in general.

I've got a few important kinda life-changing decisions to make.
I am unhappy in my job right now. They (corporate) have made it feel like we are 5-year-olds who need to be scolded for every little thing not done to their exact specifications. I dread going to work. I find myself RELIEVED to have a day off. I'm sick of getting threats of my hours being cut if I can't speed up my haircut time by 90 seconds. I'm going crazy.

So there you go.

I've made the decision to put more of an emphasis on doing my own clientele at home.
I sacrificed what would go into my Italy Cruse Jar this week and purchased a used hydraulic chair. I'm really excited about that purchase. It helps me feel better about bringing clients into my home. Hallelujah!
I told my manager that I need more structure in my schedule. I need to work three of the salons busiest days. I need the same days off every week so I can plan ahead with clients. My manager said she isn't sure she can promise that but we can give it a try for a little while. It won't start until the third week of September, but it'll happen.

I don't know if willingly cutting down my steady paycheck will end up being a horrible idea or the best move for my career.

Oh stress.
Oh stressful.
...I need ice cream.


lisapants said...

I really hope working out of your home works out for you. You deserve to be happy and work your magic with your mad skillz without people breathing down your neck.

Susannah said...

Thank you, Lisa!

Rachel said...

I love your chair! Maybe I'll have to come and sit in it for movie night...haha. Glad to hear your supervior at least agreed to try a set schedule. Best of luck!