Monday, March 29, 2010

Is it because I'm black?

OK, I'm a little slow. Remember this? (quick recap: I finally gave in to Adam's suggestions and got to know Celeste, then I met her roommates. Hmmm, yeah, thats about it. November was a fun, crazy month...)

November 8th-

I invited Celeste and her roommates (the one, two, three, four girls) over for dinner,  but was reminded that I had been invited to their house for that night. Oops, I'd forgotten all about that! It had been two weeks since the night I met Kathleen.
I went to their house a bit early, to meet with Kyra for a VT meeting. I talked to her for a long while about how fun nieces and nephews are, about being friends with your siblings, and our mutual love of fabulous shoes...solidifying how much I enjoy Kyra.
Kathleen made ravioli for dinner Oh, Kathleen, there is no way anyone could any less than totally love Kathleen. She is hilarious and sweet. Every once in a while she'll ask, "Is it because I'm black?" Yes, yes it is.
After dinner with the One Two Three Four girls I ran home to change clothes and hurried over to ward prayer. I was a few minutes late, but they hadn't started yet. I slipped into the row of chairs right by the door. Tiffany had been sitting with her roommates across the room, but ran over and sat next to me moment before the meeting began (much to my relief and excitement.) A few minutes later a guy slipped into the row, a chair or two from Tiffany.
After the meeting ended the guy turned to Tiffany and, pointing to the wall across the room, asked "Is that a John Wayne clock?" Hahaha, it was a slice of lacquered wood with clock hands affixed and a decopaged picture of John Wayne in the corner, hahaha. I said, "That's fantastic!"

Kyra handed me her VHS copy of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" which, per our texted conversation earlier, she was letting me borrow. Video in hand I wandered the room, chatting with friends, suggesting they come over for movie night.
The John Wayne Clock guy asked why I was carrying around the video. I explained that "We're watching this hilarious movie tonight at our movie night. You coming?" He replied that he hadn't been invited, I said as its at my house I'm pretty sure I get to hand out invitations. He said he shouldn't go, as he had homework.

I started chatting with Celeste, Kathleen, and Tiffany about what movies we should watch at subsequent movie nights. I laughed and said we should just go through my entire collection, which  may take a while when we get to the TV show seasons. Someone asked what shows I have, "Umm...CSI seasons 1, 2, and 3, CSI:Miami 1 and 2, CSI:NY 2, Perry Mason, The Practice, and NYPD Blue season 1..."
JWClockGuy: "So you like crime shows?"
Susannah: "Yeah, basically. Oh, and I have The Office!"
JWClockGuy: "Have you seen Castle?"
Susannah: "Just the season premiere, but I liked it ...I love Nathan Fillion...Firerfly, Serenity, all that."
JWClockGuy: "Have you seen Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog?"
Susannah: "Of course! Love it. I was actually trying to watch it yesterday, but it wouldn't load."
*big high 5*
JWClockGuy: "You are my new favorite person!"
Susannah: "Well thanks! ...uh, whats your name?"
JWClockGuy: "I'm Tom [lastname]!"
Susannah: "Haha, hi Tom, I'm Susannah."
Tom: "With an H or without an H?"
Susannah: "Oh I love you; with an H."
Tom: "My sister's name is Susanna, without an H."
Susannah: "With an S or Z?"
Tom: "An S, of course."
Susannah: "Oh, of course."
Hahahaha. I left there and went back home, where a bunch of friends met me there. AaronP came late and saw only the second half (as usual) when the movie ended I tried to rewind it to show him the dance scene, but the VCR turned off and I couldn't get the VHS tape out. (I wouldn't get it out until I took apart the VCR in February, three months later, oops!)

That was a really fun day.

November 11th-

On the 14th my little sister Meridith was marrying Ben, a guy she'd known for about 3 weeks. Bwahahaha, ok,  ok, so she met him in July. Whatever. Hahaha.
She was having my dinner reception in my colors. Oh well. Hahaha. I think everyone expected me to be the bitter single older sister. I got asked "How are you dealing?" Haaha, oh heavens. I've been saying for YEARS that Meridith would get married before me. Not a shocker.

I made invitations for Meridith's bridal shower. I put them together at the office, at work, and at home. Somwhere along the way I lost a sheet of 6 invitations, which I didn't realize until I finished putting them all together (it was the invites for my sisters-in-law...oops!)
Deborah came in town a few days before the wedding, so we had the bridal shower on the 11th.
Right before the shower (like...minutes, seconds) I was throwing together a game. I really don't know, like, excel at bridal/baby shower games. I so much prefer food and chatting. But I tried. I cut up a few of my magazines from 2004/2005 (Mer, you KNOW what that means.) and did the whole celebrity head on the brid body guess-the-celeb game. I thought they'd be too easy but J.Lo tripped up some older ladies and Andie McDowell threw off quite a few others.
Mom did a spice guessing game (I can't name spices by the scent at all, except cinnamon.)
They (Mom and Deb) made salad, lentil soup (surprisingly good. Never thought I'd like lentils.) and freaking amazing buttery parmesan-y rolls.


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