Monday, March 15, 2010

Play it again, Charles II "The Bald"

I absolutely love the names of these ancestors. Ludmilla Ragnhildis Countess of Ringelheim? Awesome. Even better: Charles II "The Bald".  Hahahaha, his Great Grandfather is Pepin "The Short" King of France, who happens to be Charlemagne's father. Fantastic.

If you trace that line back it goes as far as Clodius II King of The West Franks, born before the year 0006. (Although I've found several websites that research the ancestory of Clodius. One taking the line back to Adam.)

Ok, I'll get off the genealogy kick soon.

...but isn't this SO FREAKING COOL?! I'm Charlemagne's Great (x42) Granddaughter, hahaha.


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This is great! Keep the stories coming!