Sunday, February 07, 2010

What are you saying? That you *gulp* want his bod?

What a fantastically exhausting day!

Seven and a half hours on my feet = Ouch! It has been slow around the salon lately so the constant flow of people yesterday was a bit of a shock to my legs.

Contrary to ...oh, just about everything everyone who has ever known me thinks, I am not much of a talker as a stylist. Not because I don't like to talk (we all know I like to talk), its just that I don't do small talk well. ("Its the new small talk; you do it so awfully well!" -name the movie.)

Every new client is like an awkward date. Dumb small talk, asking personal questions that I don't really want to answer, vocally wasting time until the haircut is finished.

Me: "So how is your day going?"
Them: "Pretty good so far, just finishing up some errands...yourself?"
Me: "Pretty good." (this is usually a lie.)
Them: "How long have you worked here?"
Me: "I've been at this location about a week."
Them: "A week?!"
Me: "I was at a Sandy location before that."
Them: "Oh. So how long have you been doing hair?"
Me: "Since 2006." (Uh...ok, so I started school in September of '06...I've been licensed for a year. I'm not about to tell them that.)
Them: "Oh, ok, so you know what you're doing?"
Me: "Yes. I know what I'm doing."
Them: "So are you from Provo?"
Me: "I'm from Orem."
Them: "What high school did you go to? Orem?"
Me: "Yeah."
Them: "Do you know any Andersons?"

And so on...

I'm not so much a fan of working in Provo because everyone seems to know someone I know. Yesterday several of my clients work with Meridith's high school friends. My second-to-last was a really nice guy whom I enjoyed so I, uh, *cough* wrote down his name... ya know, just to maybe look him up on Facebook later?
Did that, turned out we have 1 mutual friend: my brother-in-law Ben. Hahahahahaha. Ben happened to be sitting in the living room when I saw that, so I asked him about the guy; turns out they were roommates, hahahaha.

Yeah, I'd rather work where no one knows me or any of my siblings nor their friends.

After my energy-depleting Saturday at work I dragged myself in the door and only had a few minutes before about ten friends showed up to watch Finding Nemo and have sushi (Come on, that is FUNNY.) ...we also had pizza, as not everyone there was into sushi.
Fabulous ending to a horribly tiring day. :)


Ross & Amanda Goodman- but mostly Amanda :) said...

My Fair Lady

emi-jo said...

so, i had no idea you had a blog! :) you are hilarious and reading this made my day! :) i'm going to add it to my blog page NOW so i can enjoy your hilarity every time you write! :) lol

Amy said...

Finding Nemo and eating sushi is hilarious. Oh and do you know my brother Ryan? I think you went to school together. Oh and your dad might have gone to school with my dad. Oh and do you know????? :)

Amy said...

I just noticed you have a link for me. I am special but not as special as the other Honeyman. Now he is REAL special.