Tuesday, February 09, 2010

gripe, gripe, gripity gripe

This is what is really really really (really really) annoying:

I have a $17,000.00+ education in cosmetology. I rock at what I do. However, I walk away from a days work with, oh...$20 in tips on average?
However, a server at a restaurant does NOT have the schooling hours I went through to do what they do. They ask you what you want to eat! Then, oh, walk away with $100+ for the day.

Come freaking on.

Yeah, my fault because I work as an hourly employee in a chain salon. Whatever. It was something I had to do when I moved back home because I did not have a big enough clientele base to rent a station and charge higher rates.

We "have" to tip restaurant employees because they make such a small base pay ($2 something, blah blah. Come on. Dear restaurants, pay your employees more.) and people understand that and are OK with it, and do it!

And yet (as far as I've read online so far) people feel they shouldn't tip their stylists because they are already making money off of them. ("No one tips me when I do my job, why should I tip my stylist?!")

Dear people of the world,
I make about $2-$3 in the time it takes me to do a nice haircut, including little extra perks to make you feel all special-like.
And so when you go to sign that credit card slip and you put that huge DASH through the little tip line it is like a slap to the face.
You cheap little rat.
You brought in a FREAKING COUPON, you got a treatment that could be a $30 or $40 cut for a freaking $6.99! And you write a ginormous dash? You couldn't, oh I dunno, throw me a dollar or two so I can get gas to get to work tomorrow?

I really dislike you.

So, uh, restaurants are already making money off of you and yet you tip...but because salons are already making money off of you it is cause to be annoyed if the credit card slip offers a place to write in a tip? Welcome to the land of the double standard.


Amy said...

If I came to your salon, I would leave you a tip. I always tip the girl that does my hair.

Susannah said...

Haha, thanks Amy.