Thursday, December 03, 2009

The August Project


Like I said before, near the beginning of August I made a goal to be social with my Utah people. And holy crapola, was I busy...but it was fun.

July 23rd - went to Sports with Mer, had fun. Invited AaronP to my birthday party as we are "now officially friends" (haha, he added me on Facebook) Andy said we're friends to which I replied, "haha, we aren't friends, Andy...when is my birthday?" which most of my friends can't answer correctly anwyay, but it was in only 2 days. Haha

July 26th - Can't remember if I went to games or not...was at work that day.

July 30th - went to Sports actually dressed appropriately (track pants, tshirt, track jacket) The only people there were Meridith, Andy, Joey AaronP, Danny, and some guy I slightly recognized as having gone to OHS--a much smaller group than usual. The guy I didn't know introduced himself as Adam. I hadn't seen Danny since that one day I saw him last May, but it had been like four years before that. Meridith and Danny were pretty close friends in junior high/high school. I watched as they played a hilarious game of speed; including full court...oh my, so funny. I never played, just sat on the stage watching everyone else, which is fine because my basketball skills aren't what they used to be, and watching was just so funny. Danny cracks me up, oh my. Meridith left with AaronP and I gave Adam a ride home (poor guy had to squish in my over-filled George.)

August 2nd - went to Games. I never play when they're playing signs or something else I'd suck at. But I always play Werewolf :) I sat by Amy during werewolf and we were quoting Spaceballs while everyone was "asleep", hilarious.

That night led to the conversation with Meridith that ended in me adding Kylee, Holly, Denise, Lexee, Danny, Adam, Andy, and Chris to my FB list and making the decision to go to all the activities I heard about.

August 6th - Went to Sports straight from work so I was wearing slacks and heels. Holy crapola, Batman. There were a lot of people there, like 35+. I kinda freaked out and wanted to walk right back out. Between Meridith and a conviction to sticking with the goal, I stuck it out until the anxiety went (mostly) away. After a little while I had fun. I suuuuucked at volleyball, but thats ok. Meridith left pretty early on, so I just chatted with my friends there. Meagan said she needed to watch Be Kind, Rewind sometime so I decided to invite everyone over for a movie night on Monday, haha.
When they started to play dodgeball I went in the RS room and listened to Adam sing and play piano. I haven't played dodgeball in oh, seventeen years? I'm not interested in playing that anytime soon. After Sports a big group of us went down to the gas station for drinks/smoothies/icees. I got to introduce Adam's little sister Mallory to my favorite smoothie machine: the F'Real, haha. I gave Mallory a ride home afterward.

August 8th - I called Meridith while on the way home from work and found out she was going to a Manti temple activity. She'd left before I got into the city, but when I pulled in the church parking lot two other cars pulled up. I ended up driving to Manti with Lexee and Jared, neither of whom I knew very well. They were a lot of fun.
None of my friends were at the activity (read: Amy) so I stuck with Meridith the whole time, we sat near AaronP and Jared during the picnic thingy, which was funny. We kept trying to get Aaron to eat my Sour Patch Watermelons, because he'd get hyper. That sounds so lame now, haha, but it was funny.
They dropped me off at a movie theater (a teeny tiny theater with two screens and everyone inside were neighbors and knew each other), where I saw G.I. Joe. Well, I saw about 3/4ths of it. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss my ride home (because my cell's service was going in and out) so I sat outside hour? More?

August 9th - while at church I told Danny he had to come to Game Night, haha. He said he didn't want to, so I kept bugging him about it and told him he needed to come. If I was being social he needed to be, too, haha. I told Chris it was his job to get Danny to come to games, it was now on his shoulders. While watching people at Games I texted Danny S: "Come to games" D: "I hate Apples to Apples" S: "They're playing Signs" D: "K, fine. Do I just walk in?" Hahaha. I didn't play, of course, but I laughed the entire time. (Oh, that reminds me! Amy! Do you want my red lipstick?) After games, around 1 a.m., I went to Wal-Mart with Adam and didn't get home until after 3 a.m., oops.

August 10th - I was thinking maybe five people, tops, would show up to watch the movie with me. I think the final count was 14? There were people sharing chairs, there were people on the floor, there were people sitting on the hard wood bench the whole time (oops!) The movie starts out kind of slow, so I was worried that people would get bored and not like it. But as the movie progressed people seemed to be enjoying themselves.
It was Jared's birthday so Holly brought brownies and we put candles in it, lit them, paused the movie, and surprised him. :)

August 11th - AaronG's bday at Olive Garden with Adam and Tyler; Star Trek with Adam, Danny, and Caitlin

August 12th - Shopping with AaronG, institute, X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Amy, Chris, Meagan, and Andy.

August 13th - Floating the river, Olive Garden with Denise, Devan, Andy, Kylee, Tyler, Meagan, and Amy.

August 15th - Bowling/games with Amy, Meagan, Lexee, Andy, Trent, Adam, Holly, Kylee, and Tyler.

August 17th - Dinner party, Star Trek, Park City with Adam


August 18th - Didn't go to activity, wimped out. Played with Zack and Delta.

August 19th - Cleaned out George, finally saw Ryan for the first time in 32 years.

August 20th - Went to Lagoon

August 21st - Drove to Las Vegas with Adam

August 22nd - (Saw Vegas friends, doesn't count toward the August goal.) Drove to L.A., went to Knott's Berry Farm with Adam and Brady. Drove back to Vegas.

August 23rd - Drove back to Orem. Went to games.

August 24th - Went straight to FHE in the canyon after work, missed the activities by a half hour.

August 27th - Went to Sam Hawk with Tyler

August 30th - Went to Sundance with Cora, went to her games, went to my games

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