Friday, November 20, 2009

"Can I keep you?"

When I was about 10 or 11-years-old, back when I shared a bedroom with my little sister Meridith, I had this poster on my wall:

Oh how I luh-oved that kid. I *cough* may have convinced the little girl I babysat often that she wanted to watch Little Giants every single time  ("Sure, we could play games or play outside or something else boring... but wouldn't you rather I make you a treat and we watch this awesome movie again??"  I've been manipulative from a young age.)

When I was 14, 15 or so I started to forget about him. Oh yeah, remember that Devon guy that I was pretty much obsessed with? Haha. Funny.

A few weeks ago my sister borrowed my DVD of Casper and I found it in the kitchen. I popped it in the computer while I worked on other things, half-listening to the dialogue. But then it got to the end of the movie. I had to stop what I was working on. I had to make it full screen. I had to PAY ATTENTION.

You see, this is where Casper the Friendly Ghost changes form for a few minutes, into the young blond boy he'd been while alive. Played by? Oh, hello, Devon!

The memories of how much I enjoyed this kid came flooding back. The brain space I'd dedicated to him was apparently still intact, as suddenly little facts like "He has two hamsters, named Pepsi and Coke" came rushing to the forefront of my mind. Whoa.

I jumped on Twitter to mock myself publicly. But first I quickly typed his name into the search field, to see if anyone else had had the same nostalgia I did. I was surprised that he was discussed often! And had a twitter handle of his own.
I usually do not follow many celebrities on Twitter. They are usually run by their people, and are boring. Or if they're run by the actual person themselves they are sometimes misspelled drivel that only gets updated every few months. So I was hesitant to follow him. But I clicked it anyway.

I was surprised to find his tweets funny and spelled correctly, haha. After a couple of weeks of having Devon in my feed everyday I found myself wanting to watch his movies again, remembering more tidbit facts that I'd memorized 15 years ago.

So I wrote this, and got this response a few minutes later:

I hadn't included his @handle with the intention of him reading it, it was so my friends could click through and see who in the heck I was talking about. But read it he did. And retweeted it to his just-under-2,000 followers just 3 minutes later. Then replied directly to me. And then the 13-year-old in me freaked out and died a little. In a good way.

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