Thursday, September 03, 2009

March 2009 TweetyStyle

Dear Utah, whats up with the snow? Its not Christmas and I don't ski; go away. Dude, I'm freezing! Smooches, Susannah
8:19 AM Mar 25th

Thanks to @artificialgrape I can now get online in my bedroom. So its starting to set in that I really do live here again. Weird.
6:04 PM Mar 25th

Watching Sarah painstakingly edit a label with InDesign on a gorgeous MacBook Pro. She's amazing. Ive asked her to design my business cards.
7:54 PM Mar 25th

This morning I watched a crossing guard stop traffic so SHE could cross. No children in sight. Blatant misuse of power! Revoke the vest!
2:04 PM Mar 26th

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Passing East High. High School Musical is filmed in Salt Lake and set in New Mexico. "Well there is a black guy in the main cast" haha
8:57 PM Mar 26th

Job interview went really well, as soon as my Utah license comes through I have a job. Holy crap thats exciting.
3:28 PM Mar 27th

Amy- "I have a confession: I stalked you yesterday. I drove by to see if your car was there." Hahaha! I love that my friends stalk me.
4:38 PM Mar 27th

Confession: When my father forgets to sign out of Facebook I look through the profiles of all of the LDS "celebs" he's buddies with.
1:59 AM Mar 28th

Clothes shopping with my mom. But because I'm 5'10 and stacked (and under the age of 65) there is NOTHING! ...but there a few stillettos ;)
1:02 PM Mar 28th

She is suggesting a Ladies Big & Tall! SHOOT ME NOW! No one should have to succumb to that, regardless of height or hips!
1:16 PM Mar 28th

Went to Sandy. Torrid has once again saved me from embroidery and appliques, HALLELUJAH!
3:36 PM Mar 28th

Dancing like a princess with Alexa and Sophia. Apparently princess just slowly spin in circles.
5:02 PM Mar 28th

No. No, no no. Its bad enough to have to attend a singles ward, but when your parents have callings there, too?! I'm moving back to NV.
1:14 PM Mar 29th

Can't shake a bratty mood today. Today is infuriating.
2:07 PM Mar 29th

2:41 PM Mar 29th

Apparently the only thing to help the funk is making fruit pizza with 4 of my nieces. ("Rage...subsiding. Pulse...slowing. Anger...fading")
9:30 PM Mar 29th

Prancing around the kitchen singing I'M TAKING STEROIDS! while puffing on my inhaler before jumping onto the treadmill. ...I'm an odd duck.
11:10 PM Mar 29th

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas everwhere you go... Its a hot chocolate day, but instead I'm making malt shakes with 4y.o. Ella
10:39 AM Mar 30th

The 4y.o. is cheating at Connect 4. "Lets not make it fair, Aunt Susannah." She can't handle black kicking her wussy reds trash!
11:19 AM Mar 30th

Time to make The Honeyman try Sam Hawk. Do I really want to hear the picky eater whine? Bibbidybobbidyboo and bulgogi!
3:52 PM Mar 30th

"I hate this road because right over there is where I saw the UFO." - one of my best friends, The Honeyman Hahahahahahahahaahaahaha
9:22 PM Mar 30th

Sus- "I only got 45 minutes of sleep, I'm really tired." Dad- "Were you up for a while after coming in?" Sus- "Yeah. Thats how that works."
9:25 AM Mar 31st

Decided to spend my lunch waiting for Ryan to do things at UVU. WORE HEELS. lack of sleep is clouding my judgement.
3:10 PM Mar 31st

At the Gateway with Amy. Wore heels because I'm an idiot. Grabbed flats to change into because I'm a genius.
7:39 PM Mar 31st

Aw, and I thought I wouldnt have strange men talking to me as I put gas in my car when I moved back here. Thanks random dude in Sandy!
9:37 PM Mar 31st

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