Thursday, September 03, 2009

April 2009 ala Tweeeeeeeet

"When you've got some Wizard of Oz eyebrows its time to tame 'em." trying to convince my dad to let me trim his bangs...oops I mean eyebrows
10:49 AM Apr 1st from txt

"If you think my arms are pale you should see my upper thighs."
3:53 PM Apr 1st from txt

On my cleavage-- Mom: "Its offensive. Its unladylike and not pretty." Sus: "Its your DNA, you could've chosen nicer words."
4:31 PM Apr 1st from txt

Saw Danielle and AJ. Aw, it is 2005 again; It absolutely feels like I never moved! ...Except I'm a lot cuter now.
6:53 PM Apr 1st from txt

Have had more diet Mountain Dew today than in ever... About 150 ounces when I finish this drink. Will I sleep tonight? We shall see, hahaha
11:10 PM Apr 1st from txt

My little sister turns 22 this morning, and I begin to not feel like a teenager anymore... weird. (Happy birthday, Meridith!)
8:07 AM Apr 2nd from web

Wandering around an organic market. Realizing how much I like chemicals. Bring on the artificial flavors!
11:43 AM Apr 2nd from txt

Lunch with Richard today ...thai, mmmm. Bring on the curry.
12:16 PM Apr 2nd from txt

Items in my trunk visible to passersby: a mannequin head, slice of old pizza in plastic, fuzzy slipper, dt mtn dew, and a can of frosting.
4:18 PM Apr 2nd from web

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I'm sick of almost hitting UVU students. If a smashed Beetle is gliding toward you DO NOT step in front of it! Freaking texting jaywalkers!
4:52 PM Apr 2nd from txt

Stepping on worms. Eww, eww. Stupid rain. Stupid worms. Stupid barefoot. Eww, eww, eww. Stupid freaking nasty squishy worms! Eww.
12:48 AM Apr 3rd from txt

Although my fingers are so cold they're threatening to fall off, I'm craving a huge diet coke right now... sign of an addict?
11:46 AM Apr 3rd from web

Because of my brothers blasted mid-morning tweet, I've used up my caloric allotment on a freaking Betos breakfast burrito
1:14 PM Apr 3rd from web

Got my mother to taste my Diet Coke FTW!
2:47 PM Apr 3rd from web

The ribbon in my hair has moved as my mood has gotten sillier today. Its now wrapped sweatband style, bow side out. Doesnt get better.
5:09 PM Apr 3rd from txt

Girls Night Out with 4 of my 6 sisters. Waiting to get in Olive Garden for ONE HOUR. Those'd better be freaking good breadsticks.
7:35 PM Apr 3rd from txt

I've accepted that I'm getting sick. The saying is feed a cold, right? Easter candy it is! This'll be gone in no time!
9:00 PM Apr 4th from txt

Based on the amount of pain, I think my throat is trying to tear itself away from my body. And so now I've got a case of the sexy voice.
1:33 PM Apr 5th from web

My big brother saved Little Mac!
7:18 PM Apr 5th from web

Rico got the disc out of my Mac mini, so now I kick this 101.4 degree fever's behind while watching Revenge of the Sith. Thweeeeeeeet!
7:20 PM Apr 5th from web

104.2 degree fever this morning. Pretty much melting from the inside out.
4:02 AM Apr 6th from web

Your heart isn't supposed to hurt when you have a sore throat, is it? Uhhh...Big Sis worries my blood could become poisoned because of this.
7:53 PM Apr 7th from web

102.4 fever. Again. (Dear body, please let me sleeeeeeeep! Smooches, Sushi)
9:13 PM Apr 7th from web

Fever broke in early a.m., and OH! look who is back again! Feeeeeever. Doc appointment is in an hour.
9:15 AM Apr 8th from web

Flu test and strep test done. Organs all listened to. Now its a waiting game for results. Huzzah!
11:54 AM Apr 8th from txt

Some of my bronchitis medicine is apparently going to make me really hyper. Woohoo, this is gonna be interesting.
7:41 PM Apr 8th from web

Sus- "Crap, that trucks following me, he's gonna punch me or something." 10y.o. Care- "No, you punch him first. You be strong woman!!"
9:05 PM Apr 8th from txt

At the gas station: Sus- "I'll buy you a treat. They have ice cream, or candy or..." 10 y.o. Care- "Or beer."
9:41 PM Apr 8th from web

Prepping for the roadtrip. iPods are charged and junk food is purchased, but I still feel like I'm missing something...
12:51 PM Apr 9th from web

Anti-caffeine Mom ordered a Dr Pepper and Dad keeps calling his diet Mountain Dew a Sierra he's fooling anybody. Weird day.
3:44 PM Apr 9th from txt

Bronchitis plus freezing cold air equals I can't breathe! So, uh, Idaho, would you do something about the rain/wind/freezing cold?! Thanks.
6:30 PM Apr 9th from txt

Did I really go to Olive Garden in Super Mario pj pants? Yes. Did it bug my mom? Probably; but thats half the fun.
8:35 PM Apr 9th from txt

Rigby, Idaho is not my cup of tea.
10:30 AM Apr 10th from txt

My baby sister is graduating from BYU-I (Cum Laude) today. Blast, she always has to one up me.
11:29 AM Apr 10th from txt

My sister is going to lunch with my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Remember how I JUST GRADUATED, TOO? Yeah, no one here cares either.
12:27 PM Apr 10th from txt

I am not a kind niece today; I one-word answer until you give up. Especially if you call me Deborah, Meridith or Elizabeth. Or try to hug me
7:49 PM Apr 10th from txt

Drinks have been spilled all over the restaurant table TWICE and neither time was me! Huzzah!
8:10 PM Apr 10th from txt

My parents are debating between Oahu and Cancun for our summer trip. Sus: "I prefer Polynesian to Mexican in my vacations, food, and men."
9:01 AM Apr 11th from txt

My father is convinced his truck is a submarine and keeps telling me to make my course 180 degrees, 2 degrees down bubble. DIVE, DIVE, DIVE!
1:38 PM Apr 11th from txt

There isn't any Easter candy around this house. ¿What the? Where my Peeps at?
4:16 PM Apr 12th from web

What a gorgeous day, oh my. I get to frolic at the park with some nieces, woohoo!
10:25 AM Apr 13th from web

After the park, lunch, Little Mermaid, popsicles and naps, I am off Auntie Duty. ...and have no idea how to use the evening.
5:44 PM Apr 13th from txt

I AM AN AUNTIE AGAIN! Number 16!!! (congratulations C & A!) It never gets any less exciting--One more favorite person to automatically love.
9:03 PM Apr 13th from txt

Is it a bad sign when your mother looks at you and starts laughing? ...its not like I was going to leave the house in the tiny shorts.
9:33 AM Apr 14th from web

Holding Ryan down as he gets waxed. Funniest thing ever!
12:52 PM Apr 14th from txt

Lunch at an organic cafe reminds me just how much this is not me.
1:49 PM Apr 14th from txt

Got my eyelashes tinted (although theyre black naturally) and am waiting for my appointment to get them permed, hahaha.
3:09 PM Apr 14th from txt

Got lost in SLC County. Found Daybreak...hello, Gorgeous. Off to find I-15 again in the dark rain! Fun, fun.
8:21 PM Apr 14th from txt

I've been far too perky all morning - helpful, as I have to sell myself today. Er...sell myself as a stylist...a perky one.
8:17 AM Apr 15th from web

Convinced my little sister to let me cut her hair short. In related news: I rock.
11:44 AM Apr 15th from web

Holy crap! It has snowed like A FOOT since I stepped outside this evening. Its gorgeous but INSANE!
11:59 PM Apr 15th from txt

French fries for lunch? It seemed like a good idea at the time.
12:28 PM Apr 16th from web

I want to run. I'm leaving work to get on a treadmill... Where is my sanity? (perhaps it saw my fry lunch, too)
1:54 PM Apr 16th from txt

sus: "Am I a negative person?" mer: "Not really. You kind of point out the negative in EVERYTHING." sus: "Not really?? Hahaha!"
10:22 PM Apr 16th from web

Got my little sister loving Arrested Development! Got to the end of season 1 and had to start over because I don't have 2 or 3. :(
11:16 PM Apr 16th from web

Watching Perry Mason makes me want to wear pencil skirts and tortoiseshell glasses.
9:48 AM Apr 17th from web

They're installing stuff in the recording studio today. My duties? "Dust the floor and crap." Its my brute strength being put to good use.
11:11 AM Apr 17th from web

Meeting my new niece, Grace. Teeny tiny cuteness.
1:00 PM Apr 17th from txt

Stopped by the salon, got last minute info; I start work next week. Holy crap...exciting but nervewracking!
3:47 PM Apr 17th from txt

Dinner with @brady2n at 5 Guys. Oh hello french fries for a meal again. I'm such a loud laugher that its a perfect place for me. So funny!
8:24 PM Apr 17th from txt

"The world is a mess and I just need to rule it." Hello, finally watching Dr Horrible. What has taken me so long?!
9:57 PM Apr 17th from txt

"My face would like to be part of the conversation, too. Quit staring at my twits!"
12:53 AM Apr 18th from txt

It is such a GORGEOUS day. It makes me want to ride my bike from Provo to Salt Lake ...but instead I'll drive with the windows open.
1:47 PM Apr 18th from txt

Being told why I'm a perfect girl: funny, one of the guys but girly, silly, gorgeous and smart...because I told him I'm not into dating. Ha!
4:48 PM Apr 18th from txt

Getting screamed at to make my bed, "not have a stinky room", and that I'm acting like a 13 y.o. ...Please remind me why I moved home...?
8:38 PM Apr 18th from web

"If that boy were an apple he'd be a delicious." Ha, I totally love 17 Again. I want that @alyankovic shirt and the lightsaber. Oh, I'm nerdy.
10:46 PM Apr 18th from txt

My legs are too long for my bed. Squish!
9:06 AM Apr 19th from txt

Jumped wards (gonna get crap for that) Disappointed to find out my drivers ed crush hasn't grown since we were 16--I still tower over him.
12:43 PM Apr 19th from txt

Sitting on a small dock of a lake in South Jordan. Perfect blue skies, light breeze. Had a picnic, should've brought a book.
3:30 PM Apr 19th from txt

Nephi, Utah is not my cup of tea...A little too small town-ish. And I am completely sick of having hiccups! Ho. Ly. Crap.
7:54 PM Apr 19th from txt

Needing a place to proclaim info that is unbloggable, untweetable, and unfacebookable (when it pertains to those that follow all 3)
11:25 AM Apr 20th from web

In Salt Lake. Dropped off my cosmetology license application--hopefully starting work this week. Thweeeeeet!
4:10 PM Apr 20th from txt

Left my date to hug another man...only to have that man say "I don't know you." Ouch. "Susannah...?" "Oh! You look different!"
7:28 PM Apr 20th from txt

Holy crapola, batman! My legs are far too long for these theater seats! My knees are jabbed into the head of the old lady in front of me.
8:58 PM Apr 20th from txt

Guy near me at ice cream parlor just said "I miss Ted Danson." Funniest sentence of the day.
10:34 PM Apr 20th from txt

Stayed up way too late showing @brady2n and adding things to my birthday wishlist
2:08 AM Apr 21st from web

Its completely nerdy, but I really want this: I would give up my Marilyn Monroe/James Dean themed bedroom.
1:34 PM Apr 21st from web

"Looks like something hit ya. A truck or something with a trailer hitch." What?! Something hit my car?! THANK YOU, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!
4:19 PM Apr 21st from web

In Salt Lake City for pizza with Manda, Jess and @thehoneyman -- apparently I spend very little time in my own city, haha
9:44 PM Apr 21st from txt

I really should not be left in the backseat of a car for so long with my camera. Hope the passing cars enjoy the repeated flash.
10:38 PM Apr 21st from txt

Saw a photo of myself that was taken last night - uhhhh...decided to lose 302 lbs.
8:22 AM Apr 22nd from web

I'm in love with jalapeno popper flavored Doritos. Ok, crappy start to my losing 436 lbs.
12:44 PM Apr 22nd from web

Can't get a normal heartbeat rhythm--flutter, flutter, flutter. I'm broken.
3:14 PM Apr 22nd from web

Playing with a Nikon D80 and am pretty much completely in love. Have taken about 300 pics so far.
12:40 AM Apr 23rd from txt

Watching trailers for the new Star Trek. Dang, I'm excited!
12:22 PM Apr 23rd from web

Last night I dreamt I had to find a date for my cruise to the Bahamas next month. Was turned down repeatedly, despite it being free. :/
12:30 PM Apr 23rd from web

Wandered to the basement in boredom at 5:30, fell asleep on the couch, woke up at 10 to find everyone thought I wasn't home all night. Oops.
10:26 PM Apr 23rd from web

Yes, I would stand 6'3 1/2" thus making myself thoroughly intimidating to just about all men, but I need these:
1:27 AM Apr 24th from web

Made a goal to not be negative today. Woke up too early, burned myself, got lost on BYU campus, graduation was full. That goal can bite me!
8:38 AM Apr 24th from txt

I've never worn a cap and gown. I feel I haven't missed out on anything except looking four times my size...something I try to avoid.
9:11 AM Apr 24th from txt

Dear Cracker Barrel, I think it's love. Smooches, Susannah
11:02 AM Apr 24th from txt

Hoping to see 17 Again (again) sometime today. I love @thomaslennon in this movie. So dang funny.
1:42 PM Apr 24th from web

Took advantage of the afternoon with a 4 hour nap wherein I dreamt about a roadtrip with no legroom. More like a nightmare, actually.
6:45 PM Apr 24th from web

At a YSA activity by myself. Pretty much recipe for a huge anxiety attack. Oh yay for being social.
8:42 PM Apr 24th from txt

Ah. The amazing genius that I am forgot to un-set the alarm for Saturday morning. GOOD MORNING
6:25 AM Apr 25th from web

"Okay, who brought the dog?" Meridith refused to watch Ghostbusters with I forced it on her by playing it in the kitchen. Score!
1:04 PM Apr 25th from web

Is it uncouth to ask someone if you are going to be friends-who-occasionally-hang-out or just friends-who-comment? Wanting to clean up some of the FB friends
3:02 PM Apr 25th from txt

Some people go on dates on Saturday night; I party with my nieces and nephew. (ages 10, 8, 4) I'm totally gonna kick their trash on the Wii.
5:45 PM Apr 25th from txt

The 10 y.o. begins jokes with "Are you offended by Mexican jokes?" hahaha, she kills me.
8:03 PM Apr 25th from txt

My Wii Fit age is 25 -- which is only 3 months off (to the day.) Headbutting soccer balls...where do they get their supply of panda heads?
9:30 PM Apr 25th from txt

Hoping to finally fall asleep sometime soon. Watching Fifth Element... which makes 5 movies in one day. Oh look, its 4 a.m., goody.
3:54 AM Apr 26th from web

Last week I was picnic-ing in the sun, this week I'm driving through blinding snow. Come on, weather in Utah, DECIDE ALREADY. please.
11:28 AM Apr 26th from txt

About a cute tall guy in Ryans ward. "sit by him" "no!" "theres always next week" "what if he dies on Thursday?" "then it wasnt meant to be"
12:35 PM Apr 26th from txt

I so strongly dislike when my entire ward is in my basement. And forced introductions with strange men who already know my name. Antisocial!
8:36 PM Apr 26th from txt

"You must be Susannah." "My reputation proceeds me." "I know Meridith..." "Of course you do. Well I am the anti-social mean sister."
9:59 PM Apr 26th from txt

Ah, a new (gorgeous) day. Bratty attitude left after a good movie and bad dancing ...very bad dancing.
8:08 AM Apr 27th from web

Baby Ruth for breakfast. On my way to losing those 457 lbs! (lets see...peanuts are protein...)
11:20 AM Apr 27th from web

Shouldn't be around @thehoneyman at 2 a.m. anymore. I get way too silly and end up doing things like Cheerleading for Chunkies ®
4:24 PM Apr 27th from web

If I knew then what I know now...Prom would have ROCKED!
5:16 PM Apr 27th from web

Ryan is questioning my fashion sense -- Darth Vader shirt, flare jeans, and purple 4 in. heels. I see no problem with my outfit.
6:04 PM Apr 27th from txt

Remember how I'm going to the Bahamas in just over 3 weeks? Crap. Gotta step up my game if I'm gonna drop the 468 lbs. that quickly!
10:07 PM Apr 27th from web

Shouldn't have Aerosmith on repeat all morning. I spend the rest of the day randomly bursting out "I love you cause your deuces are wild..."
12:16 PM Apr 28th from web

Meridith: "Are you really whistling on the phone?" Susannah: "Did you really just call me from down the hall?" Meridith: "Touché."
4:02 PM Apr 28th from web

Has Nic Cage always been so blasted lurpy? p.s. Knowing is creeping me right the heck out. I may have yelled What the crap?! in the theater.
9:01 PM Apr 28th from txt

Did he read the entire script when he signed on? Hey, Nic Cage- was Knowing a good idea in your opinion? 'Cause I vote no.
9:32 PM Apr 28th from txt

Headed up to SLC to set up a convention booth--what good is having linebacker shoulders if I don't put them to use?
10:23 AM Apr 29th from web

Illegal U-turns, made up German words, forcing open emergency doors at the convention. Ah...nothing quite like an afternoon with Mein Vati.
12:15 PM Apr 29th from txt

My father asked "What do I look like, your sugar daddy?" when I said I'd like a new car, hahaha
4:58 PM Apr 29th from txt

Another evening full of mayhem with @thehoneyman and @huneywoman Let the fun begin.
6:33 PM Apr 29th from web

They are setting me up on a blind date for next week. Aaaaaaah! I said only if they say I'm 6'2, 329 lbs orange hair. Keep expectations low.
8:28 PM Apr 29th from txt

ITS JUST A JUMP TO THE LEFT... Doing the Time Warp with friends. Oh yeah. We are that good of friends. ...AND THEN A STEP TO THE RIIIIIIIGHT
12:02 AM Apr 30th from txt

"Try to describe her and not use the word 'statuesque'" Having Jess watch my Movies You Need To See list. To Wong Foo now, Zoolander later.
1:41 AM Apr 30th from txt

Ryan- "What time is your midnight showing tomorrow?" Susannah- "...Ask me that question again." Jessica- "Hahahahaha!"
7:27 AM Apr 30th from txt

Sushi- "Look at me...I look like a lesbian rock star with a hangover." Ryan- "You do! Or a skinny Delta Burke." Sushi- "Hahahahahaha!"
7:36 AM Apr 30th from txt

Cleaning out some pictures and IMs stored on my computers from 1999-2006. Holy pack rat, batman! Trash is at 1,656 items so far
12:20 PM Apr 30th from web

GOT MY UTAH COSMETOLOGY LICENSE!!! (electronically, at least. paper version should be here in a few days.) HALLE-FREAKIN-LUJAH!!!
1:10 PM Apr 30th from web

Dominos now has pasta in a breadbowl. They are fulfilling a desire I never knew I had.
6:29 PM Apr 30th from web

Introducing Mystery Men to Jess (hope she loves it even half as much as I do.) Next up Ghostbusters then Monty Python and the Holy Grail! :D
8:26 PM Apr 30th from txt

Who is ready for a midnight showing of Wolverine? Oh, thats me. And I have to get up early tomorrow...I'm going to be so wiped out!
10:58 PM Apr 30th from txt

Everyone near me has games and movies on their iphones, waiting for the movie to start. :( I have...the ability to take pics of them? Lame.
11:42 PM Apr 30th from txt

People entering the theater 8 minutes before the movie starts: I have been in this seat for over an hour. Your lack of seat isn't my problem
11:55 PM Apr 30th from txt

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