Thursday, September 03, 2009

For the low low price of only 39.99!

Because I've missed updating for several months I wasn't sure the right way to go about filling in the holes. While talking to my sister I decided the easiest way was to compile my twitter updates and work my way from there.

The Big Move:

I have drinks, junk food, all 3 iPods charged, and new playlists. Roadtrip!
4:57 PM Mar 23rd

Left my purse in Mesquite, NV -- thank heavens my sister was already planning on making the trip to St George tonight. I'm a disaster.
7:40 PM Mar 23rd

The new roadtrip playlist includes Aerosmiths Big Ones and Michael Jacksons Dangerous--both enjoyed at a high volume, as they should be.
9:55 PM Mar 23rd

Roadtrip Day 2: We're not in Vegas anymore, Toto. There is caffeine-free Diet Pepsi at the fountain...this is so very Utah, hahaha!
9:23 AM Mar 24th

Passing exit 188--the spot of my spin out and head-on collision last year. Ugh. I could've been killed so easily if the SUV hadn't slowed down
11:35 AM Mar 24th

When I win the lottery I'm moving to the Levan, Utah trailerpark. When friends visit we'll double the population.
12:18 PM Mar 24th

Why hello, Orem. I'M BACK! Have you missed me? (I'm just with you until something better comes along.)
1:13 PM Mar 24th

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