Tuesday, July 07, 2009

25 on the 25th

Amanda: What kind of presents do you want for your big 25? And if you say nothing I am going to get you something really crazy!

Susannah: A 6'2"-6'5" brown hair, brown or green eyes, funny, single male between the ages of 26-31.

Amanda: Hmmm...is it kinda weird that my brother fits that description? Like exactly!

Susannah: oh yeah. uh...hey Ryan... 

Amanda: Hmmm...well, I will work on it!

Susannah: hahaha, ok


I suppose it is once again time for Susannah's Wishlist

new professional clippers/trimmers

Nintendo wall graphics (because, come on, thats cool)

Plush microbes (I have common cold, sore throat, and flesh eating disease)

Mini plush microbes in petri dish

A work in progress...

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