Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sick of feeling sick

For some strange reason I have not been feeling well lately. For the past, oh, month or so? I've felt sick after eating at least once every day. Regardless of what it is I've eaten. Within twenty minutes of finishing my Bajio salad last week I was so nauseated I almost asked my manager to send me home early.

As I began to drift off to sleep last night I was hit with stomach pains. Ouch!

Right now, once again, I am feeling the waves of nausea. I had two little handfuls of raspberries about three hours ago, and had a sandwich and a Diet Coke several hours before that. No reason to be in pain again.


Some people suggested I go gluten-free for a bit. (*gasp* but I am the Carb Queen!) Others suggested I cut out sugar entirely.

I Googled several things and basically came up with two lists: foods that can cause nausea and foods that contain gluten. Between the two there is nothing left. Uh...potatoes, actually. So it looks like I will remain the Carb Queen with a plain baked potato in hand.

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