Friday, June 26, 2009

Where I yell YEAH FREAKING RIGHT and peel out

The back of my car is filled with...stuff. Not necessarily trash, though there definitely is a bit of that, but mostly just odds and ends. There is a TV, rollerblades, 4 pairs of shoes (real shoes, Laura, not flip flops), a bucket filled with 25+ pairs of sunglasses, a vase, a basket filled with papers I don't want to lose, 4 mannequin heads, etc. The backseat is tucked in and the car is full to the brim.

I threw those things in the back of George when I moved about two months ago. There isn't really any where to put them right now, and I don't really have a need to remove them from my car right now. I never have more than one passenger, and its pretty rare for me to even have one at all.

Tonight I was looking for my little sister Meridith when she finally called the house.
Mer: Did you call?
Sus: Dad did, we were wondering where you are.
Mer: Oh, I'm in Manti.
Sus: Oh...why didn't you invite me?
Mer: I told you I had plans tonight.
Sus: You told me you had plans, you didn't tell me you were going to the singles ward activity tonight.
Mer: Oh. Sorry.
Sus: I suppose Amy is there with you, then, huh?
Mer: Yeah, she's right here.
Sus: Oh, ok. I was going to call her tonight. ...uh, ok, have fun...see you later.

A few minutes later Meagan called and said I actually had about two hours until it started, so I could drive down and meet them there. I really had nothing to do, and I'd rather hang out with my little sister and some of my friends than chill at home doing I started off on the hour and a half drive to Manti.

Besides missing my exit having to swerve and brake to avoid hitting a deer, the ride up was OK. ...oh, and thinking I was lost for a little while there. I forgot about that.

Amy rode home with me, and Meridith rode with Meagan. As we came out of the canyon and neared the freeway Amy got a call.
(This is pretty much just a summary of what was said. Some is exact, others are in the general tone.)

Amy: Pull over here.
Sus: Whats going on?
Amy: Layni's car broke down. They said to put stuff in Trent's trunk and the other stuff in Meagan's trunk...
Sus: Wait, what?
Amy: I guess they need us to put some people in the car, so they said you could put some stuff in Trent's car and stuff in Meagan's. Meridith probably told them you had stuff in the back.
Sus: Uh...yeah right. No.

Trent: We need you to fit some people in there.
Sus: There is no way. There is simply no way.
Trent: We can put some stuff in my car.
Amy: She just moved and has things packed in the back.
Sus: No, dude, it's not possible. There is too much, and I'm not throwing it in someones car. There's, like, a TV back there! And the seat is folded up, its flat, there is not even a seat back there right now.
Trent: We need to find places for five people. I need you to do this.
Sus: It's not happening.
Amy: There isn't even a seat there, even if we could make room for anyone.
Trent: Because you've got a ghetto car.
Sus: We will NEVER be friends.
(I drive a Volkswagen New Beetle. There is nothing ghetto about my car, other than perhaps the dents in the hood from getting hit last winter. I just moved. There are things from my move in my vehicle. Until I cut in a homemade sunroof or create a Beetle/truck hybrid out of it, my car is not ghetto!)
(I can not explain in the correct words my extreme dislike of this person)

He leaves my window...Amy gets out to check on the situation...Amy gets back in...We decide we are of no use here and I turn the car back on...He returns to my window...

Trent: I need you to take one person.
Sus: I can't.
Trent: I can't fit five more in my car. I need you to take this guy, he's small.
Sus: And put him where? The DASHBOARD?
Trent: You have to take him. There is nowhere for him.
Sus: I don't have a place for him!
Amy: Ha, unless he sits on top of me.
Sus: Yeah, he could sit on her lap (and even then wouldn't have a place for his legs.)

He and Amy discuss who is still in the canyon and doesn't yet have cell phone service, who may have room in their cars, and whose numbers the other person has. Amy starts making phone calls...he walks away from my window.

Trent: If you aren't willing to help you should just leave, get home.
Sus: Oh, thanks your highness. The King says we can go now.
Amy: I couldn't reach [so and so].

Ugh, eww. It had me annoyed for the hour-long drive home. I haven't said "bite me" in a long time, but it certainly came to mind a few times.


Meridith said...

Yeah, Trent says dumb things sometimes... but we already knew that.

Tashina said...

I wonder if this guy knows what a jackass he sounds like. And that it's all over the internet.

Anonymous said...

Trent is a moron he always has been. He was a (insert bad word here) in high school and he has never grown from that, possibly has gotten worse.

Meridith said...

Oh, no no, Trent's a good guy. But we all slip up once in a while.