Monday, June 22, 2009

Skip Meridith!

We have far too much fun together while playing Phase 10 at 1 a.m.

Deborah: What is in your Thirst Buster?
Susannah: Old nasty diet Pepsi.
Deborah: Eww...can I have a drink?
Susannah: Yeah.
Deborah: That tastes like what they pour off car batteries.

Meridith: Thats disgusting, why are you drinking it?
Susannah: Because I paid for it.
Deborah: That sums Susannah and Dad up: because I paid for it.

Aaron: Have him come over and find out what kind of hugger you are.
Deborah: Did you just say hooker? Find out what kind of hooker she is?

Meridith: I'm throwing myself out there.
Deborah: You're not. You are dipping a toe. You're not just throwing yourself at him.
Susannah: Like me.
Deborah: Susannah's like BAM! KABOOM! ...oh, you don't want this?

Deborah: Tito does this little salsa.
Susannah: Is that your salsa? Hahahahahahaaa.
Deborah: Haha, yeah. Its my dog salsa, hahahaha.

Susannah: You know whats nice? We all have different first initials.
Meridith: You just figured that out?
Deborah: Mer noticed at the beginning of the game.

Swans are gay.
Aren't all swans chicks?

Meridith: He laughed.
Aaron: How can you tell?
Meridith: He wrote LOL
Aaron: Lips on lips?
Deborah: LIPS ON LIPS! He's been wanting to kiss you the whole time!
Deborah: Liposuction.
Susannah: Liposuction?
Deborah: Lip o luction.

Aaron: We often have to call the wah-mbulance for Deborah at our house. Wah, wah, why are you winning?
Deborah: I don't say 'Why are you winning,' I say 'Why are you cheating?!"

Deborah: This is redick.

Aaron: The spirit is prompting me to make out with you.
Susannah: Thats my new pickup line.

Deborah: You're such a good're almost like a sports bra.

Deborah: It's so fun to be married to Aaron because he trash talks me.

Deborah: She's taking it so well.
Susannah: No she's not. There are tears behind those...freckles.

Deborah: Susannah won.
Susannah: Will you say it louder?
Deborah: *quieter* Susannah won.
Meridith: *mocking* Say it again. Louder. And call me princess at the same time.
Susannah: Su-prin-san-ce-nah-ss won.

Deborah: Sometime tonight we're all gonna bust up laughing...but I'll be asleep.

Susannah: Jupiter is 1,300 times the size of Earth.
Aaron: Yeah. A lot of people could live there...but no one does.

Susannah: Everything that comes out of me is awkward.
Deborah: Really? *whisper* Even in the bathroom?

Susannah: Drink it!
Deborah: Do it.
Susannah: Just drink it!
Meridith: I do not give in to peer pressure.
Susannah: Don't drink it! Everybodys not drinking it. Whatever you do, do not drink it.
Deborah: Nobodys ever drank it.