Saturday, December 06, 2008

Poisoned by shrimp.

Sometimes sitting in the lounge off the salon is worth it for the entertainment value. Holy crapola, Batman, there are some strange dimwits here. I'm just sayin'
"The first time I went out for sushi someone ordered eel and I almost threw the **** up."
"I know, right?"
"I mean, it is not only nasty but I know what that **** looks like!"
"Yeah, its nasty ****! But I like salmon. Salmon is good. You have to be in the mood for shrimp to be able to eat shrimp."
"I know, right? I have to eat the whole shrimp because if I bite it and I see the brown stuff it looks like **** and I want to throw the **** up."
"That is ****. You have to devein it, thats called deveining the shrimp. You take the **** out."
"Yeah, it looks like ****."
"Because it is ****."
"It is shrimp ****."
"Its bad for you, too."
"No wonder it always ***** with my stomache, I'm being poisoned by shrimp ****."
"You always get ****** up. Restaurants are poinsoning you with shrimp ****."
"Bennihana's is posioning me with shrimp ****."


Dad said...

Susannah, I'll be so glad when you have wholesome girls to hang out with.

Overheard In The Ward said...

pwned for overheard.