Thursday, December 04, 2008

there is no cost for awesomeness...or attractiveness

P.S. Road trips rock.
Wednesday night I was supposed to hustle with work and head over to Elizabeth's house. So of course I found myself staying an extra hour at work to get ready for the Black Friday rush. Eliz called and said she was going to bed, but she'd leave the front door unlocked for me.
After I finally got out of work I thought I'd stop by my house to throw a few things into a bag. Oh heavens. Two hours later I'd finished packing. (This girl comes prepared.) So I grabbed my things and a frozen dinner and headed over to my sisters house.
Although it was past midnight, I set up shop on the couch. Big cup of ice water on one side, TV remotes on the other, dinner on my lap. After watching a few DVR'ed shows (I'm addicted to Top Chef) I realized everything was dark and my sister was waking me up to tell me it was 4 am: time to get up.
As I put my things in the car I did a song and dance routine for my sleepy-eyed neices and nephew. May as well start things off right. (I don't remember what song I was singing, but Caroline could tell you. Caroline could tell you anything. Especially if that something is something you wish she'd forget.)
We packed up the car and had planned to leave by 4:30...which means we left around 5:00.  Luke and Caroline had the captain seats in the middle while Emma Kate and I rocked it in the backseat. I had picked out a few DVDs I thought they might enjoy and pretty soon we were watching Kung Fu Panda for the BAJILLIONTH TIME. ("There is no cost for awesomeness...or attractiveness.")
I fell asleep.
I suppose that could prettty much sum up my part of the entire drive. How did it go? Well, the weather was foggy, the kids were good, and uh, Susannah fell asleep.
I woke up at every pit stop, getting out only to stretch my legs (which are far too long to ever be asked to sit behind Luke...) Around Cedar City I switched seats with Emma Kate and was able to stretch my legs all over Luke. (Hahahahaha, that sounds mean. He liked it. I have dog slippers, and he had fun with them.)
We made it to my parents house at Noon, and I got to surprise my parents and see all the siblings and nieces and nephews that I hadn't seen since June.

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