Saturday, December 06, 2008

"I can't wait til you're 60 and I'm 70, because then we'll be closer in age." -Elizabeth

While my big sister and her daughter were cleaning the house last night:
Susannah: "Hey, Emma Kate, when I was only 3-years-old I told Grandpa that I wanted to have ten kids and when he asked me why ten I told him because I love windows and I will need a lot of kids to wash them."
Elizabeth: "You're running out of time to have ten kids."
Susannah: "I could have ten! I have 15 years!"
Elizabeth: "Ten kids in 15 years?!"
Susannah: "Triplets!"
Elizabeth: "You'd have to start being nice to boys, Susannah."
Susannah: "I'm nice to them! They just happen to not speak English very well and be over the age of 40."
Elizabeth: "You have to be nice to the little Mormon boys."
Susannah: "I'm not *not* nice to the little Mormon boys."
Elizabeth: "Like Meridith has to sex it up, you have to..."
Susannah: "Not?"
Elizabeth: "Yeah."
Susannah: "Look, you were sooo teeeeeny!" (pointing at Liz's wedding photo)
Elizabeth: "We were so little, we were 21."
Susannah: "You were Meridith's age!"
Elizabeth: "I had Caroline when I was your age."
Susannah: "Huh. Weird."
Elizabeth: "You better get CRACKALACKIN'!"
Hahahaha, I love us. We came to the conclusion I could have five kids well-spaced before I'm 40 (which is in 2024; weird, huh?)


Meridith said...

Nice. I know I'd be thrown in here.

Deborah said...

Where in the honk am I? I will have more kids than all of you put together. Come on.