Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conversations with a four-year-old

Luke: Auntie?
Susie: Lukie?
Luke: Is a tornado a bug?
Susie: Hahaha
Luke: Is a tornado a really big bug? That spins? [spins his finger while wiggling his hips]
Susie: I like your spinning tornado bug dance.
[Luke dances, his moves more exaggerated than before.]
Susie: A tornado is a storm with a lot of wind, want to see a video of one?
Luke: I want to see it! I saw a tornado once. It has seats and you can spin.
Susie: Was it a ride called the tornado?
Luke: Yes.
[watches about ten different youtube clips of tornadoes]
Luke: I want to see a tornado really.
Susie: That would be freaky, dude.
Luke: I want to see it at somebodys house at China. China's house.
Susie: China? Who is China.
Luke: China.
Susie: The country?
Luke: Yeah, China.
Susie: Little Dude, you make me laugh.

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