Wednesday, October 22, 2008

black, purple and carbonated

My client's color is processing so I'm taking a moment to grab a much needed Diet Pepsi. I can't remember my clients name (I rarely can) but she has gorgeous black hair and I've just put in red/violet highlights up the mohawk and heavy around her face; I'm hoping it turns out well. I don't think she'd tell me if it doesn't quite meet her expectations, she is one of those "Whatever you think" people.  I think I'm only going to have the one client, which is lovely because I'm not in the mood to be bossed around by any bitter old ladies tonight. (Last week a lady kept telling me everytime she wanted me to spray down her hair while I cut it. "That would work a lot better if it were WET." Any more wet and I couldn't comb through it, ma'am.)
Tomorrow is my last official time in the salon at night. I will be in at (EEK!) 8 a.m. until I'm done in late January/early February.

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