Saturday, October 18, 2008

universal wishes and disney dreams

It is almost Christmas. And by almost I mean stores are already setting up their Christmas tree ornament aisles, and therefore I am PUMPED for Christmas already. You see, I have not seen my whole family since the first week of June, and I won't see them until Christmas. June to December is a freakishly long time...or seems that way to me.

I am one lucky Auntie because I have 15 of the sweetest, most darling nieces and nephews ever. And I love spending time with them.

Caroline, Emma Kate, and I are going on a roadtrip to California in five years. They will be 15 and 13-years-old (which is absolute crazy talk because theres no way I will be almost 30! ok, so I guess there is a way...its called being born in the mid 80s, but still...I'm convinced I'm still 17.)
I figure five years away is close enough to plan it out now, and far enough away that I could possibly save a little bit of mula before then. (Ya know, if I can do enough slave labor to make a dent in my $24,000.00 tab.)

We are either going to Disneyland or Universal Studios. I'm leaning more toward Universal, because of their ages. But who knows, maybe they'll still love Princesses when they're teenagers, haha.
I would love to take all of my nieces, at least the older ones, but am afraid to. (I'd hate to turn into a chaperone rather than a fun Auntie.) Thats a lot of precious cargo on my shoulders!

(Asher is looking less newborn and more like a baby now, so cute!)

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