Sunday, September 28, 2008

The one where I fall to shambles

How are you?

Kind of a difficult question to answer. Well, I'm alive and other than this headache, sneezing, and ears popping I'm healthy, so I guess I'm OK.

But otherwise, I'm kind of suffocating.

My car is the cleanest it has been in over a year. I can have passengers. My shower is the cleanest it has been in over two years. It still doesn't have a shower head*, but thats because I really don't care either way.
Other than those two spots, every single area I inhabit is a disaster zone. It does not matter how much time I spend cleaning and organizing, my automatic action is to drop things on the floor. Either that or my every belonging finds itself powerfully attracted to my floor, in piles. As I clean one pile a new, larger pile is creating itself in a different place.

I have no money. When I have money I have the amazing ability to spend in on frivolous crap in an astonishing speed. But I don't have the money. This coming weekend my paycheck will be less than $60. In the coming month owe $153 for the power bill, $60 for the gas bill, and $13.46 for the phone bill. That added to the car insurance, credit card payments, and gas for George to take me to work and school leaves me with negative $ALot. That means no groceries.

I have a new roommate. Her name is Janine, but I don't know the spelling. She has been a stylist for over a decade and she's really nice. I'm trying to be a good rommate. I'm trying to be friends. Strangely, its not a natural thing for me. I'm automatically defensive.

But I'm crazy and hormonal and I cried because my remote control fell off the bed.

* Explanation about the lack of shower head: This spring I bought a cool shower head and installed it. Then I decided that I really shouldn't have spent that much money, so I started to take it apart. A little plastic piece dropped out of my hand, bounced off the side of the tub, and landed somewhere. I couldn't find it, therefore I could not return the new showerhead. And I had packed away the old showerhead somewhere, and I can't remember where I put it.
So for nearly a year I've had a plastic nub for a showerhead. I kinda like it.