Monday, September 29, 2008

Never put off until tomorrow what can wait until at least next week

Well, that was completely depressing.  Sorry about that.
I was so amazingly bored at work today. I had ONE transaction between 9 am and Noon. Holy crapola, Batman. I was wiping down any countertop I could find. I tried on shoes. I reorganized the front desk. This is why they pay me the big bucks...ahem, minimum wage.
I also texted with my HT; thanks to my father calling my bishop, I am the charity case in my ward. My HT is the married ward mission leader. Can't even explain how annoying that is. Huh, last few days of the month...time for a call from my trusty HT.
I spent the first hour of school painting my toenails. Hurrah for my $17,000.00 education!
I've become obfreakingssed with TV seasons on DVD.  I have watched House seasons 1-4, Arrested Development 1-3, Bones 1-2, and Chuck.  Oh heavens, I love Chuck.  I'm going to go watch Chuck when I get home. I've got to get back to painting my toenails.

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Sariah in Vancouver said...

I totally need to paint my toenails. I still have my watermellon pedicure on... that was over a month ago and you can tell. :S

I would say something or joke about the HT calling you at the end of the month... but I just finished my VTing TODAY... so I can't exactly talk. lol But in my defense, I had tried calling this girl several times and she never returned my calls. I only just got ahold of her last night. :S But hey - it's Septemeber - it counts! lol