Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Love List

* I love casual drives when its lightly raining * I love wrapping up in a blanket and lying on the ground in front of a lighted fireplace * I love getting lost in a book * I love getting the mail * I love Christmas music * I love lunch dates * I love pillows * I love traveling * I love big clouds * I love camp fires * I love ice water * I love day trips * I love silky nightgowns * I love museums * I love boating/jet skiing/tubing * I love amusement parks * I love gift shops * I love snowball fights * I love live theater * I love humor, be it intelligent, silly, witty, simple, or strange * I love down-filled comforters * I love corpuscular sun rays * I love listening to stories about my childhood * I love hotels * I love toasting burning marshmallows * I love getting email from real people * I love bubble baths * I love personality quizzes * I love driving through the canyon * I love carbohydrates * I love orchestral music * I love singing with other people * I love learning how things work * I love all of the Smithsonian museums * I love researching US history * I love the color red * I love going to baseball games * I love crime and forensic dramas * I love laughing so hard I cry * I love the transformations I can create through my chosen career * I love hot bread * I love dresses * I love black & white photography * I love giving presents * I love summer, fall, winter, and spring in that order * I love restaurants * I love sunsets * I love the excitement that hangs in the air the entire month of December * I love decorating for elaborate parties * I love smoked gouda cheese * I love dancing around goofily * I love wandering home decor stores (like IKEA) * I love getting new fonts * I love making lists * I love hot showers * I love thunder storms (but lightning scares the crap out of me) * I love making people laugh * I love decluttering my desktop (the top of my desk is a different story) * I love looking up at the stars * I love being competitive * I love hoodie sweatshirts * I love flying in airplanes, specifically take off and landing * I love sleeping outside * I love laying in my bed * I love wrapping presents * I love the smell of lilacs * I love walking around in the rain * I love Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys * I love a 5 o'clock shadow * I love fireworks * I love family vacations * I love swimming * I love cereal * I love dinner parties * I love picnics in the mountains * I love candlelight * I love corn on the cob * I love libraries * I love hearing my voice recorded; it sounds so different than whats in my head * I love drinking out of goblets * I love carving pumpkins * I love old buildings * I love reading cookbooks * I love my drive home at night with very little traffic * I love my quirky dreams * I love my big lips

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Sariah in Vancouver said...

That is a great list! I love this post. :)