Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Reposted from Meridith, because it's SO DANG FUNNY:

I found a bench in one of the buildings and began to read one of my textbooks Writing Arguments: A Rhetoric with Readings. Slowly, I slid down onto my backpack and reread the paragraph I had read, not taking in any of it. Keeping my book open, I took out my phone, set an alarm, and closed my eyes (covering my face with my hand in case my mouth opened when I slept.) Heh.

I woke up about twenty minutes later to the presence of someone walking towards me. (I'm a light sleeper.) I opened my eyes and found a guy whom I had never seen before staring down at me; he began to speak when he got close: "Good luck trying to sleep."

"Uh..." I tried to speak coherently, slightly affronted: "Well, actually I was sleeping.. I worked well.... uhh..."

That was when he sat down on the ground next to my head, took my book off my lap, and said nonchalantly, "Where did you leave off?" while running his hand around the page.

(At least, that's what I think he said. I wasn't very awake yet.)

When I gave a slight response and tried to point (without raising my head, mind you. I know I had a backpack line across my face), he began to read out loud.

Uh. Ok.

I slowly closed my eyes again and tried to pretend that this was normal and that we were close pals rather than complete strangers (one of whom had just intentionally woken the other from her nap.)

Three minutes later my alarm went off. It scared him. He kinda jumped, handed me my book, got up, and walked away without saying anything.

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