Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy birthday, Parker!

My little nephew turned #8 today and is spending in AT DISNEYLAND. They spent the night here in Vegas last night, on their way out to California. I went straight from school to Elizabeths house, so I could see them before they left. I ran up the stairs and grabbed Parker into a hug and he proclaimed, "I haven't seen you in forever."
Parker is one funny kid.

Parker: "Let me open my presents in the car! Let me! Let me! Give me my presents!"
Richard: "Do you think saying that is going to make me want to let you?"
Parker: "What would make you want to let me?"
Richard, holds out palm: "Money."
Parker, reaching for Richards pocket: "Oh...I think I left $5 in your wallet..."

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Anonymous said...

Parker sounds pretty much awesome. In case you missed it. ;)