Monday, September 22, 2008

"Polygamists need sister wives because it is difficult to do the intricate frenchbraids on ones own head." -me

I have a new project for myself.

Because my parents have the GameCube at their house, I pretty much decided the Nintendo and Super Nintendo would be put to better use at my house :D This is just logic, dear friend.

So I now have the project of getting them into working order. This is slightly difficult because although I am generally more technologically inclined than the next 20-something hairdresser, I really don't know what the cables are named. I am trying to replace broken cords, and have enlisted the help of my big brother Rico to get these. However, I made him Google pictures of the systems so I could physically point to exactly which cords I need. Hahaha.

Although it has been several years since I last started up my SNES, I guarantee I can finish the first few lands in Super Mario World with my eyes close. Or maybe only one eye closed (those darn Koopas can be sneaky.)

Oh dang, I just realized I've been whistling the theme to Super Mario World for almost five minutes. I can't deny my nerdiness.

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