Friday, May 02, 2008

"What's up with you and bad luck lately?" -Clarke

Sheesh, I've been asking myself that for a while. I kind of suck at life right now; as I drive around in my smushed car with this big pink scar on my face and no money (another transaction posted...the theif got away with another $75 on Sunday night, putting me even more well overdrawn so an autowithdrawal payment bounced, charging me another $25 deeper in the red.)

Mostly it isn't big things, like head-on collisions and identity theft, but things like running out of gas on the freeway and having to call my sister, locking my car keys in the store after setting the alarm and having to call my sister to pick me up, being told I can't go to the Oprah taping because no one will cover my shift only to come to work and be told it wasn't busy so I could have gone to the Oprah taping hours before if they'd only known it would be that slow.

As well as the trips, burns, and run-ins with door frames.
It has kind of been an aggravating year. Starting with having to pay hundreds of dollars to get my car registration reinstated only to be in an accident the next day.

I bounce (oo, bad choice of words) between two extremes: stress eating and working out until I'm in severe amounts of pain.

While on the phone with the credit card companies (aka the day I called India) and being transferred and put on hold about seven times, I finished off two slices of pie (why do I have pie in the house?!) two servings of lasagna, a bowl of ice cream, and three popsicles.


Yesterday, after learning about the new $75 taken out of my account, I strapped on some sports bras and ran on my treadmill until I was sure my internal organs were planning to stage a mutiny and I had sweat out the 64 ounce Diet Coke I'd had earlier.

Ech, I'm sick of this all. Why can't things just come easily for me?

Oh, but I thought this was cool, I don't really look like the same person anymore. I'm actually about nine pounds heavier now than in the '05 pic. Nine pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal, I suppose ;) (but look out, if you clicky it is huuuuge)


Rachael said...

My vote is the sex appeal. Definitely.

lisapants said...

Wow, you look COMPLETELY different. You look thinner now than two years ago.