Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My cute black leather Isaac Mizrahi clutch purse was stolen out of my big purse, while it was in the back room at work.
There was $65 in cash inside, that I needed to give to Elizabeth. There was two debit cards, two credit cards, my drivers license, my clock-in card for school, and everything else I have with me on a daily basis.


There was $95 in fraudulent charges on my debit card before it went into overdraft and refused the next two attempts.

EDIT: They tried to use all of my other cards as well. About $375 in fraudulent charges.

I hate people.


April n' John said...

People are definitely the worst.

Sariah in Vancouver said...

That sucks! I'm so sorry! Who has access to that room? Is there a way to find out who it was?

Susannah said...

Thanks, grrrrrr, its so annoying. It was just a random customer in the store who wandered back into our backroom with the intent to steal.


I put my purse back there around 5:00, and the first charges on my card were just after 6:00.

Ugh, I just want my drivers license and cute wallet back. Keep the cash, keep the cards, whatever. Give me my license and wallet!