Sunday, May 04, 2008

Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty

Do you know how hard it is to Google-stalk someone when you only know them as "My Nextel Boyfriend"? I do.

Oh, oh, oh, I have never mentioned My Water Boyfriend! Unfortunately MWB has a mustacheless goatee. Which is pretty much my least favorite facial hair. (Not to be confused with my least favorite lack of facial hair, which would be sideburnless men. ala Nic Cage in National Treasure 2.)

On my second day of work the big truck pulled up and My Water Boyfriend walked in. He said, "Hey" as he walked past, into the back room. As he walked past once again, this time with an empty water jug over his shoulder, he said, "Have a good one." And I mumbled something back at him.

This little dance of ours has repeated monthly.

Yesterday I was doing some paperwork at the front counter when the big truck pulled up. My Water Boyfriend walked in, I looked up, and he said "Hey" and went into the back room. He came back out and before I could even look up he said, "You're awesome; you drank two entire jugs!" This struck me as funny, because A) everything does. B) I think this is a great conversation starter statement, and would like to put it into practice. C) It just is. I laughed and said, "Yeah, that was all me." and then I winked. I winked. Have I mentioned I winked? Am I wearing a leisure suit? Would you like to buy this used car?

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Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

I say the first one of us to casually work that into another conversation (wink included) has to buy the other one lunch when you come and see me!! :)