Sunday, May 18, 2008

a surfeit of fun

Oh wow, it has been a while.

Yesterday I went to the DMV all dang morning until I went to work all dang night. Then today I opened and, oh, closed the store. I'm exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, and some other llys.

On Tuesday I am flying into Salt Lake. WAHFREAKINGHOO!

Against everyone's wishes, I've chosen to take the time off before we go on the cruise to have my own summer vacation. My momma wanted me to wait until 4th of July to take time off. Well I work in retail, and apparently there are "blackout" times when noone can request time off. All around 4th of July is one of those blackouts. (As is Christmas, which is totally insane because I am not spending Christmas alone down here.)

I'm excited to go home! I'm making lists of what to do while I'm there

* Meet Brittany's new baby boy
* Go out for Thai food with Rico
* Make Ryan try bibimbap (bibbidybobbadyboo) at Sam Hawk
* Spend a uninterrupted day with Sarah (is that physically possible, Sar?)
* Go see Indiana Jones several times
* Break up ZackyZack and his girlfriend (bwahaha)
* Stalk Visit the cast of High School Musical
* Kick Ryan and Rico's respective trashes at Mario Kart for Wii

and various other random things.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

You know it, Sue. Name the day and the schedule is cleared. Cell phone: off.