Tuesday, May 20, 2008

oh, my lips so luscious/the way I spice it up with the MAC MAC brushes

It's difficult to not feel like a superficial twit when every day I have to be a ...well...superficial twit.

Did I ever mention that I have to have full makeup on when I go to school? Yeah, I do. There is an instructor (not mine, thank heavens) who will send you out of the classroom until you're makeup is on. It's all part of the dresscode. And if you're nails aren't done, oh you will hear about it! We have to present a professional image at all times. Blah blah blahdy blah.

So yeah, I spend a great deal of time thinking about my hair, makeup, and nails. Hahaha. So something dumb like accidentally cutting my bangs shorter than I meant to REALLY puts a damper on my day.

Oops. I was just texturing them, but I was using a new razor...I got a little overzealous.

I darkened the hair on the bottom. :) I'm trying to get rid of (ahem, disguise) the red I had down there.

Oh, and I shaped my eyebrows, which I was pretty pleased with. I mean, they're not great but I had to work with what I had naturally, hahaha.

Although I'm an intelligent, capable woman, I end up thinking "curled or ponytail?!" all day long.

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